Kyanos Pyrokus (群青(キュアノス)の炎(プロクス), Kyuanosu no Purokusu, lit. 'Celestial Flame »φλοξ and κυανός Greek) is one of the nine Giants God of Kronos .


The second Giant to appear along with Phoinikeos Rhuax at Sanctuary. Able to manipulate and control molten rock and fire, he can create a big pool of lava, sharp nails and even long whips. He is first challenged by Shaka at the Temple of Aries and argues briefly with the Saint before being freed to go to the Temple of Cancer. There he is killed by Cancer Deathmask, after witnessing his cruelty and the horrifying vision of the thousands of faces inside his Temple.


  • Melting Rock Formation (溶融造岩, Yōyū Zōgan)
  • Blazing Claw Whip (焔爪鞭, Ensōben)

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