Kraken Scale

The Kraken Scale (クラーケンスケイル, Kurāken Sukeiru) is the Scale of the Marine General Isaac, Guardian of the Arctic Ocean Pillar, in Saint Seiya. It is the Scale of a Marine General, the Gold Saint equivalent


Probably no legendary creature was as horrifying as the Kraken, a giant sea monster. According to stories this huge, many armed, creature looked like an island when motionless and could reach as high as the top of a sailing ship's main mast with its arms deployed.

When the Kraken attacked a ship, it wrapped its arms around the hull and capsize it. The crew would drown or be eaten by the monster. Kraken were mostly noticed in the seas of Scandinavia. Fishermen said that huge amounts of fishs gravitate around Kraken and the boat that succeeds to fish around the monster without awaking it will take more than possible to carry aboard.


The Kraken of legend is probably what we know today as the giant squid or cephalopod. Though they are considerably less then a mile and a half across, they are large enough to wrestle with a sperm whale.


Early stories about Kraken, from Norway in the twelfth century, refer to a creature the size of an island. Even in 1752, when the Bishop of Bergen, Erik Ludvigsen Pontoppidan, wrote his Natural History of Norway he described the Kraken as a "floating island" one and a half miles across. He also noted: "It seems these are the creatures's arms, and, it is said, if they were to lay hold of the largest man-of-war, they would pull it down to the bottom."

Later Kraken stories bring the creature down to a smaller, but still monstrous size and assimilated it as a giant octopus.


The mythological Kraken is described as a huge octopus, Kurumada's design for Isaac's Scales actually looks like a ray.

Special Abilities of the Kraken ScaleEdit

The Kraken Scale never shows any particular special ability beyond that of the other Marine General Scales.

Techniques used by Kraken SaintEdit

Aurora Borealis (オーロラボレアリス, Ōrora Borearisu): This technique was almost on par with Aquarius Camus' Aurora Execution, but somewhat weaker. However, this technique was much stronger than almost all the techniques under Cygnus Hyoga's knowledge. Most of Isaac's attacks are ice based; like Hyoga, he can also project his cosmo to freeze objects, as shown by his first appearance when he instantly turned the wind into snow. Aurora Borealis is Isaac's strongest attack, powerful enough to penetrate Hyoga's defenses, and is the technique he employs that makes best use of the cold.

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