King Minos (ミノス王, Minosu-Ō) appears as a spirit freed by the arrival of the Titans, appears in the palace of Kronos and kidnaps and kills several people. Leo Aiolia , Lithos and Galan are sent and defeat Minos, but before returning to Tartaro King invoked his son the Minotaur.



146px-Roi Minos 02

Minos prayed to Poseidon in the mythological age.

Minos prayed to Poseidon mitológica.Minos era of Crete was a king who offered sacrifices to the gods to give birth to a bull of the ocean. They should have to sacrifice to Poseidon, but his admiration for the animal was such that he refused to submit to the will of God. Poseidon cursed Pasiphae, Minos' wife, so that he falls in love and mate with the bull, which gave birth to the Minotaur, a powerful and violent creature in human form, but bull-headed. Minos forced the Athenians to periodically send seven boys and seven girls that feed the Minotaur, was imprisoned in a labyrinth built by Daedalus, the engineer. The hero Theseus sacrifice eventually join, and finds its way through the labyrinth of Daedalus and breadcrumb navigation, daughter of Minos, which allowed him to find his way out. The cruel King Minos tracking Daedalus revenge, but ends up being scalded committed suicide.

Specter of the pastEdit

n 1979, the release of Coeos causes an increase in the emanation of the cosmos of the Titans on Earth Hyperion and Iapetus is also already back in this world. This causes a revival of mythological beings disappeared, and Minos's ghost appears in the ruins of a maze of Knossos. He sent a letter to the government demanding
180px-531px-Roi Minos 01-1-

The specter of King Minos.

human sacrifice, which is taken as a joke by the official authorities, until seven boys and seven girls disappear. Police eventually traced the king and placed in the Cretan labyrinth of Knossos, where are massacred by King Minos. The Sanctuary was contacted, and the Pope sent in Aiolia going through the maze to get rid of Minos. The King expressed his hatred of Theseus and Daedalus, screaming pain that is her constant since it was boiled and then trying to blame Aiolia, but is forced to reconsider the risks in achieving this is a golden Santo. Minos defend revenge and the need to clear his name while ordering the guards lifted abducted children to use them as shields to prevent attack Aiolia, a strategy that takes into account the Lion negligible. This idea does not work, because Aiolia find a way to hit the guards without touching children through an arcane improvised, the Fang lightning, leaving a patterned ground lightning strike to the kidnappers, the hostages untouched . Minos, severely damaged, not give up and displays a relic that represents the head of the Minotaur. His incarnate Son Minotaure this attack, then Aiolia. Although Aiolia considered Minos as a worthless man, he feels no anger toward the Minotaur, understanding that this is just born by mistake because of the cruelty and greed of Minos. He promises that this beast would certainly have preferred human being born who will ensure that the future of children is captured bright, so bright in the place of the monster who did. The Minotaur was eventually defeated by the Ray and Aiolia and his companions left the maze with the help of Ariadne's thread, on loan from the Sanctuary.

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