Julian Solo is the reincarnation of Poseidon in Saint Seiya. When he was 16 years he was led to the Underwater Fortress where it is partially dominated by itself. In the wake of their master, the seven scales of the Generals Marinas go after users.


Incarnation of the God Poseidon. Poseidon always reincarnated in the body of the descendants of the Solo family, a rich maritime trading power. This time, Poseidon was awakened not willingly, but because Kanon accidentally found its DivineTrident . However, the unerring arrows of Pegasus Seiya just definitely awakening this god. He planned to create Utopia on Earth, then wiped off the face of the earth through the human flood End. In the anime was the force that was behind the God Warriors of Asgard, manipulating its leader Hilda Polaris by the ring name Nibelungo. Solo probably comes from Han Solo, one of the protagonists of the series Star Wars. Kurumada said is a fan of series.

Will of God


Julian Solo

In mythology, Poseidon had always wanted to conquer the Earth, and disappeared soon after Zeus in heaven and attacked Athena, who was asked by his father to take care of the Earth. According to mythology, Poseidon was the only God who is not bent to the will of Zeus and has even challenged him. Soon Marinas dressed in their scales, they exterminated all the Warriors who had the land, their combat power was too high and no weapon could overcome their scales. In order to slow the Emperor of the Seas, came the Saints of Athena with his cloth. After a long battle in Fortaleza Continental Poseidon which sank due to the intensity of the battle, the Marines were defeated Poseidon was sealed and sent to the North Pole.

But in the second awakening, the ideal of Poseidon becomes kill all humans, which degenerated species, corrupting all the gifts that were blessed by God punishing them with floods, earthquakes and floods. That is, he wanted to purify the earth to start all over again, trying to make a world without sin, The Generals of The Poseidon Marina often refer to his will as a "new utopia". Unlike Hades, Poseidon is not an evil God, and yes, they are demonstrating a God concerned with humanity, conscious of love unlike Hades, which explains the help given to the Saints of Athena battle against Hades.

Help from the Emperor of the Seas

Although a great enemy of Athena, Poseidon also contributed to the heroes defeating Thanatos and Hypnos in the Elysium fields. Poseidon sent them the Golden Armor of Sagittarius for Seiya, Libra for Shiryu, Aquarius for Hyoga, Virgo to Shun and Leo to Ikki but even using his best punches with the golden armor nothing worked, and turned them into dust by Thanatos.