Jellyfish Krag (クラッグ, Kuraggu) is a character exclusive to the anime. He is one of the Ghost Saints


Jellyfish Krag, along with his companions, living in exile on an island in the Caribbean Sea. After ten years of exile, Geist summons as the Sanctuary has decided to entrust a mission to win forgiveness. Ghost Saints destroy a ship, being responsible for destroying Kurage the engine room with Dengeki Ryū Kurage Hyakuman Volt as a final act of assault. Later hijack tanker grad Foundation and await the arrival of the Bronze Saints with the helmet of Sagittarius Gold Cloth. jellyfish Saint is responsible for monitoring the engine room, ready to destroy the ship if demands not met their peers. Andromeda Shun circumvents Jellyfish Saint guard with his Andromeda Chain and traps, can counter the other players to peers. After the defeat of the Ghost Saints, Geist produces an illusion that misleads the Bronze Saints. Jellyfish saint and his companions can escape the oil with the helmet of Gold Cloth.

The Bronze Saints go to the island where they have taken refuge Ghost Saints to retrieve the helmet, and after defeating fellow Jellyfish Saint and having to stop along the way to Chygnus Hyoga , because of his wounds, to the edge of a river, where they are attacked by bats. Dragon Shiryu jumps into the river to escape the bats, but is defeated by an enemy they can not see, but we sense that is Jellyfish Saint, by electric currents running through the body Shiryu.Seiya and Shun moving down the river on a log and are attacked and shot down their makeshift boat on Jellyfish Saint. Seiya tries to attack him with his Pegasus Ryu Sei ken , but Jellyfish saint dodges and it captures with its tentacles. jellyfish  Extrangula  Seiya until Shun intervenes and get free him with its brand. jellyfish Saint lunges for Shun again and received the Bronze Saints attack, the Nebula Chain , but blocks the technique exploits smoothly and to use  Hyakuman Volt Dengeki against Shun Ken. Seiya seizes the moment to attack again and launches his attack two bursts of Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken, ending with Jellyfish Saint.


The cloth worn by the Saint is pretty basic. The leg covers leg and knee. The gauntlets cover the arm to the elbow. Of the three tentacles hanging elbow on each gauntlet, quite flexible, which can imprison opponents. The armor wears a simple belt, similar to the first armor in the manga. Shoulder pads are similar to those of Chygnus Cloth In its second version. Cloth Tops a helmet with a spherical shape, which covers half of the head, being much larger than the size of it. The helmet is topped by a sort of crest. The breastplate cloth seems to have since the reaction when receiving an attack does not appear to be protective. In addition to the parts described in the Frame, wears a suit of the same color, which covers the entire body except the head. Chest and thighs, the Saint takes pictures like the tentacles of his arms. The cloth color is light violet, with gold trim for breast drawings, tentacles and the crest of the helmet. The other ornaments are burgundy.


Hyakuman Volt Dengeki Ken (百万ボルト電撃拳, Hyakuman Boruto Dengeki Ken, lit. One Million Volt Lightning Punch): Throws the enemy an electric current of one million volts.