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Jango (ジャンゴ, Jango is the leader of Black Saints of Death Queen Island and guardian of the Phoenix Cloth. Ikki had to defeat Saint and four blacks, for just getting the bronze Cloth of the Phoenix.


Jango to the control of Death Queen Island after the departure of Phoenix Ikii and became the leader of the Black Saints, coming to cause terrorist attacks around the world. Later Ikki back to the Death Queen Islant, and Jango plans to deal with Ikki and challenges you to face him.

Jango and Ikki finds at the tomb of breaking some Esmeralda Flowers. Ikki would leave there. Jango says that Phoenix got the Cloth of why he was not yet on the island to do so, and who defected to join the Knights of Bronze, but it is he who is the owner of the Death Queen Island. Jango tells Ikki that he will die. Ikki tells him to put an end to his madness and who will die. So are several gentlemen with Jango, including the Black Phoenix. These are released by Ikki thrown him to the box and removing his armor. The Black Phoenix attacks Ikki with the Phoenix Black Illusion
Jango death

Jango death

thrown him. Jango presence all the while laughing. Ikki ends to recover through the breaths of Esmeralda, wearing his armor and gets rid of the Phoenix Black with Flaming Wings of the Phoenix. After Jango who is faced with Ikki. Jango attacks Ikki wrapping in flames with his Fist of Fire. But the fire did not get hurt Ikki who gets rid of it without problems. Jango attacks Ikki the Phoenix Illusion. Jango sees himself falling into a river of lava as it is devoured by fire. Jango eventually collapses and dies to the ground.


Death Queen Inferno (デスクィーンインフェルノ, Desu Kwīn Inferuno): Jango raises both arms in the air while a small red cosmic rays appear around him, Jango then stretched his right fist toward his enemy and it follows a whirlwind of fire that completely surrounds the enemy in flames.

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