Jabu is From Kurumada's original manga, the Unicorn Bronze Saint and long-time friend and comrade-in-arms to Sagittarius Seiya. He has since retired and become a rancher, tending to numerous horses. Jabu helps Lionet Souma to become stronger by further training him, drawing from his long experience as a Saint and his mastery over Cosmo.

Plot (Mars-Hen)Edit

After the events of Saint Seiya , he appears as a farmer who nurtures a great admiration for horses, as he said, horses are pure.

Lionet Sōma fainted after wandering for days, right after the fight against Hornet Sonia in Fire Ruins, he asks peloo Soma fight and he can not answer, Soma When  return to the question, Jabu responds, "for that I love "with that Soma had shaken his doubts.

He becomes Soma's master to increase his skills and cosmo, managing to make the young saint develop his new hit, the Lionet Bomber, during the struggle against Sonia. It is visible the evolution of Soma, both in use of kicks, a skill unspoilt by Lionet Saint, as in agility and speed, including escaping a coup multiple of Sonia, all influence direct fighting style Jabu prioritizing avoidance and the use of blows with legs .

After training he bids farewell to Lionet Sōma wondering if the doubts of the Bronze Saint had ended and wishing him luck.

Plot (Pallas-Hen)Edit

New WarEdit

During the war against Pallas, Jabu exterminates many regiments of Pallasites soldiers worldwide , winner among enemy troops the nickname " Pallasites Hunter " .

Battle Pallas Castle GateEdit

Due to this enormous task , it presents very late at the Pallas Belda Gate , while the real instigator of the battle - the god of Time Saturn - was unveiled .Having entered the town , he went to the aid of several of his companions in trouble with Aegir and easily defeated Pallasite with his Unicorn Gallop . Once the threat is ruled out, the army returns to remotivée movement determined to defeat all remaining enemy soldiers on Earth.

Final War Againts SaturnEdit

Saturn uses the Chrono Eternal Conclusion that freezes the whole time the inhabitants of the Earth.When all seems lost, Athena gathers the Cosmo of all the other Saints to restore Kouga, who rises again as the ultimate Omega Saint, determined to stop the God of Time once and for all.

Other MediaEdit

Main Article: Unicorn Jabu


  • On the profil of Toei Jabu is a Unicorn Bronze Saint, but he retired to his ranch to live peacefully with his horse.


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