Character information
Gender Female
Status Alive
Occupation Saint
Cloth Gemini Cloth
Constellation Gemini
Loyalty Athena
Family Staff Paradox (twin sister)
Voice actor
Japanese Yukana Nogami
Episode Episode 74
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Integra (インテグラ, Integura) also known as Gemini Integra (双子座のインテグラ, Jemini no Integura) is a character from the Saint Seiya Omega series. She is the successor of her older twin sister Paradox of being a Gemini Gold Saint.


Younger Integra

A younger Integra.

Integra always used their skills to read the destination for good. She always received more love from their parents than Paradox. He would have gone to sanctuary before his sister. She was always better than Paradox in his training to become an Saint. Like Paradox, possess a great cosmos and precognitive abilities since childhood. Integra feels ashamed by her sister have become Gold Saint by exploiting the Sanctuary had been dominated by Mars and that she had not sworn allegiance to Athena after the defeats of Mars and Absu. The appearance of them is identical - except eye color - but Integra has a new gold cosmo as we integra Ryuho said "what a beautiful cosmos", causing a strong impression.


Like Saga and Kanon before her, Integra is the polar opposite of her twin sister Paradox. Integra is unafflicted with the tragic split personality that befalls her sister, and appears quite sane by comparison. Unlike her sister's warped definitions of love and affection, Integra appears emotionally distant, and seems to prefer working alone. She seems to express sadness with her sister's unfortunate choices in life, but bears no relunctance towards doing what must be done to save Athena and her fellow saints.



Integra's full appearance.

She is so far only seen in her Gemini Gold Cloth. She is a tall woman with very long light blue hair having it in a knot, which on the side of her face having long bangs. She has the same colour eyes as her hair which Ryūhō stated that they are crystal clear, same as her Cosmo. By the sketches, she is seen to have the same eye colour as her sister Paradox, which are purple, but slightly lighter. When Integra was young, she wore a battle attire which makes her look more like a Amazon warrior, which she whore brown gloves and a one piece like outfit which on the top was purple and from her chest to legs was light green. She also wore a yellow scarf that was around the mid of her body.


Integra using Galaxian Explosion

Integra using Galaxian Explosion.

As being the Gold Saint of Gemini she is a very powerful person. According to Ryūhō, she has a very strong Cosmo, which he describes it as beautiful and pure which he did not felt the slightest distortion or haze and that it is crystal clear. Known is that she can handle Paradox's strength, which known that Paradox has stated that no one can enter her subspace unless they are sharing the shame strength as her. She evenly have destroyed Paradox most powerful technique with her own strength, knowing that she is now already a step further than her sister. Like the previous Gold Saints of Gemini, she can use the powerful technique Galaxian Explosion, which she used it to defeat her sister. She can also shoot regular beams from the palm of her hands, but seems that it was not powerful enough to stop Paradox's attack.

Gemini Gold Cloth

Main article: Gemini Cloth Integra wears the new version of the Gemini Gold Cloth, previously worn by Saga and Kanon as well as her sister Paradox. This version is no longer stored in the famous Cloths Box, but in crystals called Clostones. The Cloth has a similar structure compared to its original version, although features some noticeable changes, besides the reshaping into a feminine body. The helmet has been replaced by a heart-shaped tiara attached to a side shields composed of the two masks that represent the constellation Gemini, as well as drapes made of fabric similar to the gold saint's capes adorning the shoulder armour. After claiming the Gemini cloth, Intega adds a golden Female Saint mask to the cloth, following the traditions of Female Saints to mask their identity. The mask has a spiked pattern centered from the bridge of the nose outward.


Saint Seiya Omega

New Cloth Saga

Integra's mask getting broken

Integra's mask getting broken.

She was seen wearing the helmet of the Gemini Gold Cloth, and walks away[1]. Later, when Paradox was about to attack Ryūhō, she broke Paradox's staff. Paradox tells the one who attacked her to show herself, which she makes her appearance to Paradox and Ryūhō. The two are in shock to see the Gold Saint of Gemini. Paradox asks who she is because there is no other Gemini Gold Saint than herself. Paradox then cuts the Gemini Gold Saint's mask, which reveals to be Integra, her twin sister. Integra asks Paradox if she has forgotten her face, which she is still in shock. Integra then introduces herself as the true Gold Saint of Gemini. Paradox responds angrily towards Integra wondering how she became the Gold Saint of Gemini. Integra responds to her question telling her that she became the Gold Saint of Gemini to defeat her. Integra explained Paradox, despite to her vast powers, she have joined the forces of evil and wish to cause suffering and as her younger sister, she cannot allow it. Paradox tells Integra why she is pretending to be such a good girl. Integra then talks to Ryūhō telling him that he has done well to make it this far, and to leave the rest up to her.

Ryuho watches the battle between Paradox and Integra

Integra's fight against her sister Paradox.

Paradox then becomes mad at Integra because she is acting like a good girl wearing her face. Paradox then starts to attack Integra which Integra rises her Cosmo and strikes back to Paradox. Ryūhō who is watching the fight from a distant, is overwhelmed to see the strength of the two sisters. Paradox seems to overwhelm Integra's power mocking her that she had always been stronger than her. Integra did not forget that her sister is stronger than her, not with her powers she can't defeat her, but she continues to fight her sister if she can even protect a innocent person, she will be glad to sacrifice herself for that. Paradox tells Integra that she isn't going to die alongside with her, and that she can die alone. The two are connected telepathically which Paradox shows her true feelings to Integra. Paradox is about to kill Integra, but Ryūhō joins Integra to defeat Paradox leaving Paradox in shock. The two then are about to defeat Paradox, which the two are both rising their Cosmo. Ryūhō uses his Rozan Shō Ryū Ha technique to attack Paradox.

After that blow, Paradox becomes even more mad at Integra. Paradox then uses her Final Destination technique intending to kill them. Integra have deflected the technique of Paradox which left her in shock. Integra then uses Galaxian Explosion to defeat Paradox. Paradox leaves vowing that she will take everything away from her like she did to her. Afterwards, the two are back to the plaza, which Integra thanks Ryūhō that she was able to beat her sister[2].


  • She and her sister Paradox are both voiced by the same voice actor.
  • She is the second female Gold Saint and the second female Gemini Saint.


  • (Integra to Paradox) "You long for an impossible future! I swear on my name, as the Gold Saint of Gemini, that I will protect them! The people of Earth and the goddess Athena!"
  • (Integra to Paradox) "You understand nothing. Love is a heart that feels compassion for life. That is true strength! But you mock life, seeking only for love... I am a guardian of Athena. You can never hope to defeat me!"
  • (Integra to Athena) "I am prepared. If taking my wicked sister's life is a sin, I shall carry the burden of that sin."


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  2. Saint Seiya Omega; Episode 75

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