Illusion Icelus (幻夢イケロス, Genmu Ikerosu) is the most savage and brutal of the Dream Gods.



Icelus is sent with his brothers to capture the body and soul of Tenma , to imprison him in the World Of Dream , and avoid future reincarnations that could cause problems to Hades. Alongside Phantasos and Oneiros crosses Capricorn El Cid , which seeks the World of Dreams from there to rescue the soul of Sagittarius Sisyphus, but after a brief battle, returns Icelus sharp attacks of El Cid, causing the Gold Saints cut his own arm, then pulling off a cliff and giving him up for dead. But El Cid survives, and get into the world of dreams, where Phantasos easily destroyed. Intrigued by the power of the Golden Knight, and the fact that not scream in pain when losing an arm, Icelus decides to confront him in the region of the Dream World that he governs, Phobia .

Once there fiercely attacked El Cid, returning all the attacks he throws, causing numerous injuries. By using their power to bend space, El Cid can not know from where he is going to attack, so that sheds his blood using his injured arm to create a reddish shade affected when Icelus curves space, which lets you know at El Cid the angle by which the god attack, killing him with a blow of his cutting technique. Later his soul would be claimed by his brother Oneiros to form a monstrous creature, but is destroyed by the Sagittarius Golden Arrow , imbued by the Cosmos of Athena, and split into four by El Cid to attack the four souls to time.


In the anime his story is identical to the manga, which is only adding Icelus who captures the soul of Sisyphus in the Sanctuary , extrayédola of her body with her ​​teeth. El Cid is a witness to this event, and part of Sisyphus soul searching following the "smell" of Icelus.


Icelus not use a particular technique, because when you prefer to attack with brute force, he howls like an animal, and tears his victims with his claws, sometimes accompanied by an aura in the shape of a wolf-like beast , with huge claws and fangs. Its main power lies in bending and twisting the surrounding space and can deflect any attack get before Icelus touch, and even make space to twist so the attack is redirected to that issued it, even from another angle . Icelus can also use its power to move to another space or dimension, which hides its presence and cosmo to the enemy, then reappearing next to it to attack him by surprise. In the anime, it is also able to take the soul of Sagittarius Sisyphus his comatose body with teeth.


  • "Icelus" means "appearance" in Greek.

  • The term "horrific vision" is a títlo that is given in The Lost Canvas manga, and has no connection with the mythological character.

  • Despite using the name Icelus, governing land in the World of Dreams Phobia is called, a reference to another name of this god, "Phobetor" meaning "terrifying" in Greek.

  • Apparently El Cid destroys the soul pf Icelus and those of his brothers with the Golden Arrow sent by Sisyphus and Athena, completely destroying them, a way by the author to explain why these gods didn't appear in the twentieth century battle.