Hypnos (ヒュプノス, Hypnosu) is one of the antagonists deities that appear in the manga universe of Saint Seiya, authored by Masami Kurumada, and later adapted to anime. It was created by Kurumada based on the mythological character of the same name.

Appearance and Personality

Unlike Thanatos , Hypnos was portrayed as being completely cautious when you make a move. It is aware that it is a God so powerful, but unlike his brother, Hypnos behaves very own serenity of their species, preferring to measure their actions before they act rashly. Coutrary to his twin brother, Hypnos is deeply interested in the human nature and what the human heart is capable to produce. Unlike his brother is physically and his eyes and hair are a golden color and also on his forehead, has recorded the star of David (The Lost Canvas, carries on its front a pentagram).


Holy War XVI Century

The Sanctuary , Athena won the holy war by defeating Hades with the help of Saints survivors. The twin gods then appear and kill the Athena Saints. Only Cancer Sage and the Altar Hakurei are alive thanks to the protection of the sword of Athena.

Thanatos and Hypnos attack Athena and said they are preparing for holy war in the next two centuries. Thanatos opens the Hyperdimension and plunges with his brother. Athena off to meet them asking Hakurei and Sage to stay alive.Saints maintain both a real hatred against the twin gods who took the lives of their comrades.

Holy War XVIII Century (Lost Canvas Era)

Previous Holy War

He is the bishop of the Cathedral of the forest where the painting of a saint. The vision of this table would even the vilest sinners to repent. Alone dream of this table and travels frequently to the cathedral. It takes about three hours drive to get there. It is in vain because nobody can enter.
Hypnos has learned from the master that it Alone painted many paintings. He went to the boy's workplace and examines her drawings. The god declares that the young man can paint a picture similar to that of the cathedral as it has a pure heart.
For the table of an angel, Hypnos comment Alone has not yet put his eyes in color. The young man said he had not found the red he wants. Hypnos tells him to go into the forest to find a true color and not an illusion due to the light.
Two years later, Alone is taken to the cathedral by Pandora . Hypnos awaits them at the entrance. Alone can finally see the painting of the saint. To his amazement, he sees that he has the same face as him. He also discovered the bodies of his friends Maria , Anna and Caro . Pandora said they died because qu'Alone their portraits made a few days ago. Hypnos sai Alone did not look away. Must look at the picture: the children are happy, they no longer suffer in death. Alone becomes the new receptacle of Hades.

Two Brother

Hypnos and Thanatos appear to Pandora at the Cathedral of Hades. They are worried: Alone seems always present in the body of the god of the underworld. They urge Pandora act. This will send assassins to kill Pegasus Tenma held responsible. But the killers fail in their mission.

Hypnos and Thanatos appear to Pandora at the Cathedral of Hades. They are worried: Alone seems always present in the body of the god of the underworld. They urge Pandora act. This will send assassins to kill Pegasus Tenma held responsible. But the killers fail in their mission.

The twin gods returned to the charge. They want to shut Hades in a special workshop to remove the disturbing elements and it focuses on the realization of Lost Canvas . After Pandora has succeeded in its mission, Thanatos and Hypnos begin a song and around the cathedral a double barrier while Tenma , Yato and Yuzuriha head to this place.

Bronze Saints Invated

Thanatos gave powers to the Nasu Veronica to protect the forest of death (including giving him an immortal body) while he and his brother are in the flying palace. When Veronica is about to get beat by Manigoldo  in Yomotsu Hirasaka , God orders the specters at least take the Gold Saint with him in death. Veronica fails again, Manigoldo happens to track the god with the trace left by the god cosmos. Manigoldo interrupts chess twins and said he wanted to face the god of death himself! Thanatos blocks the punch Manigoldo with one chess piece. Hypnos decides to leave the palace because the sight of a battle the unbearable.


The  Hypnos Surplice is a divine Surplice. This surplice consists of a large design, as almost all its color is dark.This Surplice almost completely covers the entire body except the head somewhere.

Hypnos Real Body in anime lost canvas

The piece of surplice that covers the head only covers the front of the head and sideways has wings, The arms of her area covers most of the pads are loose and are part of the unit to the chest totalidad.All covers everything in the waist portion goes to feet and shaped like a long skirt in the back capas.In the Frame is wings ranging from the head on the head are joined and the rest of the body part are separated.


  • Drowsiness Eternal : is a passive technique, due to the nature of Hypnos who hates bloodshed and senseless struggle, so his technique sends the opponent to a strange limbo, where his consiencia wander for eternity asleep and sleep until the physical body to break down and die at that Hypnos menoss want to give definitive death. This technique is capable of sleeping Gods but knows that this factor will awaken these someday.
  • Encounter another Field : When faces Hypnos efforts Hakurei break the barrier of Hades in his castle, used this technique against the Silver Ghost, also used against Shion and Yuzuriha led the push there to Hakurei. First feel that fall from an altitude of ten thousand feet, the fall has seemed eternal, and ultimately, their heavy bodies have crashed after several seconds of agony, the impact has been catastrophic and waking have been found in the middle of the room. Then with the same technique creates a huge meteorite made its power, saves his friends Hakurei stopping the meteor, but hurting badly.