Hydra Ichi Later on the story Ichi becomes Hydrus Ichi. In Saint Seiya Omega Ultimate Cosmo Ichi can use the element of Earth but on Saint Seiya Omega Crusade, he can use the element of Water.

Plot (Mars-Hen)Edit

Training At PalestraEdit

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One way or another, Ichi has not been captured and sealed like the rest of the Saints. He submitted to the will of Mars through Caelum Michelangelo. In addition to his allegiance, Ichi requires a Silver Cloth, he apparently coveted for years. With a smile, Michelangelo promises to intercede on his behalf with Sonia, Commander of the Silver Saints and daughter of the god in Mars.

Earth RuinsEdit

220px-Ichi omega 06

Ichi, posing for a friend.

The two Silver Saints then conspire to set a trap for Kōga and friends. Ichi, who still enjoys the aura of sympathy that was his at Palestra, pretends to be a friend on the run, having escaped the troops in Mars after the fall of the Palestra. Leading the Bronze Saints to Earth Ruins, it pushes them into the arms of the creations of Michelangelo, before revealing his new status and Silver Cloth of Hydra. Ichi uses his claws and poison to weaken Soma and Yuna, then let them fight the golems of Caelum Michelangelo to focus on Kōga. The Saint of Hydra, during his fight, strongly emphasizes the fact The Pegasus Koga, and that as such he faces. Unfortunately for the Bronze Saint, Ichi is much more experienced than him and his Silver Cloth properties are similar to that of his previous protection, although more
220px-Ichi omega 08

Ichi, in the shadow of Seiya.

developed it can bring out the claws of any part of his cloth.

On three occasions, the Silver Saint use feints to fool Kōga he has weaknesses, but each time the opportunity to poison a little more. He even managed to stop the Pegasus Senko Ken totally blocking the fist of Saint Pegasus before he reaches it, piercing his armor to poison directly. But during this time, Haruto , stayed out of the group because he felt a trap, Aria introduced near the Core of the Earth Ruins, while Michelangelo to retire without a fight.

Even Michelangelo leak after the destruction of the Heart of the Earth, do not stop Ichi. The latter, confident in his abilities and some of the Bronze Saints to overcome by himself, was amazed that Kōga can still move after both suffered attacks. Under pressure, he eventually confides to his former comrades that it is frustration, developed over years in the shadow of Seiya and his companions, who urged him to reach Mars. His need for recognition has taken over, and the advent of March gave him the opportunity to shine in turn.

220px-Ichi omega 10

Ichi facing the compassion of his victim.

Burning his cosmos to its climax, causing Ichi  last pass Koga in a weapon, and eventually defeat, destroying his armor a powerful Pegasus Ryusei Ken which the Hydrus Thousand Paralyze could not cope.After the departure of the Bronze Saints, Nguyen , the boy who leads the group towards the ruins of the Earth finds Ichi, sobbing in the middle of the forest. The Silver Saint, lamenting his regrets and failures, is surprised that the boy does not take revenge for the evil he has committed, but to rescue him. Ichi then told him grumbling that he should not have compassion as easily, before whispering "thank you", recognizing and tears.


The Silver Cloth of Hydra Ichi Male allows to reveal poisoned claws on any part of his body, while his former Cloth of Hydra was limited to hands and knees. In fact, claws can even leave the under-suit worn under tight cloth. Moreover, the claws that Clostone are much larger than those of its former Cloth. Be touched once these claws is not sufficient to cause death: victims will have been weakened, where the Hydra Cloth was supposed to be fatal in one. Several attacks are necessary for the Hydra Male.As for the Bronze Cloth of the Hydra, the Hydrus claws can regrow will.


  • Paralyze Baiser : is a technique Ichi tusks extending his right hand and his cosmos focuses on them, through these, dealt a violent blow to his rival with which it is able to through at least the bronze cloth and inoculated directly into the body of his opponent a poison paralyzing effect.
  • Hydrus Gorgeous Kick : Ichi explodes driven toward his rival, extends his right leg which provides a kick / decoy against his rival, who instinctively covered to protect them from attack. At that moment, the Hydrus Saint used to generate the tip of his right foot one of his poisoned fangs growing enrevesadaménte and moves up to the body of his enemy, inoculating a strong dose of poison.
  • Hydrus Thousand Paralyze : Seems to be the most powerful attack of Hydrus Saint, this concentrates the most of cosmo and manifests after him as nine conmla serpienrte heads representing a Hydra, these heads begin to rotate and extend toward his opponent. So far we have not been shown the effect or purpose of this attack, as the only time Ichi used it, fu offset by Meteor Pegasus Fist Koga.


Hydrus (haɪdrəs/) is a small constellation in the southern sky, created in the sixteenth century. Its name means "male water snake", and it should not be confused with Hydra, a much larger constellation which represents a female water snake. Hydrus was one of twelve constellations created by Petrus Plancius from the observations of Pieter Dirkszoon Keyser and Frederick de Houtman and it first appeared on a 35-cm diameter celestial globe published in 1597 (or 1598) in Amsterdam by Plancius with Jodocus Hondius. The first depiction of this constellation in a celestial atlas was in Johann Bayer's Uranometria of 1603. The companion to Hydra, the female water snake, he is forced to journey through Eridanus, Orion, and the Milky Way to visit his lover.


  • Ichi is the first Hydrus Saint.
  • In the Pallas arc of Saint Seiya Omega, Ichi is sometimes mistakenly depicted wearing the Hydrus cloth again, despite having returned to wearing the Hydra cloth.


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