Ch01 (1)
The cloth has a silver color mostly on the edges with a black color on the pads, chest protectors in the knee , ankles , knuckles, and the neck protector, Tiara has a similar design to the classic though no binding found in the top of the head, in the middle of it has two dark green gems and in its center a gem of a larger size of the aforementioned color, the neck protector is unified with just the front separated by a structure similar to that found in their shoulder pads and waist , superimposed on the front are two guards on each side which gives extra protection above these protections are the pads with design above at its center, the waist has a simple design like a "belt" , the protective forearm are attached to arms without apparent separation and the aforementioned pieces have a design without relief , arms are two guards green in each arm located below the elbows , fingers , there are five " claws " on each hand unified arm , thigh pads are of a simple design also separated from the foot by knee as protectors thighs , feet have a simple design , ankles are two completely black shield on each foot, so you can see thigh pads and feet have a similar design to that found in the center of the pads, located on the back of these protections.