The Hydra Cloth is one of the Bronze Cloths, worn by Ichi.


The Hydra Cloth is based on the Hydra constellation. In Greek mythology, the Hydra was a giant, venomous swamp serpent who lived in Lerna. As his Second Labor, the hero Heracles was sent to destroy the snake, aided by a young man, Iolus. Heracles attempted to decapitate the monster, but when Heracles lopped off one of its nine heads, the Hydra grew two new ones to replace it. Ultimately, Iolus figured out that, by burning the neck stump, the Hydra would no longer grow new heads. Heracles then proceeded to slice the heads off one by one, with Iolus following with a fire brand to scorch the neck. At last, only one head was left, the sole immortal head, which Heracles chopped off and buried; he then dipped his arrows into the Hydra's poisonous blood, making them deadly weapons. Hera, who hated Heracles, had the Hydra, as well as its companion, a giant crab she had sent, placed among the stars as constellations. A further blow to Heracles is, due to being helped, this is not counted as a complete Labor, causing him to complete an extra Labor to make up for it.


Ichi earned the cloth in Lake Holtz, Finland, and it was first seen with seven of the other Bronze Saint at the Galaxian Tournament. Like most Bronze Cloths' original form, it offers very little coverage. Its special ability lies in the form of regenerating fangs that produce poison. Though it is damaged, repaired and likely strengthened, the cloth hasn't changed much, if it at all from it's first form.

Hydra Cloth (Omega Era)Edit

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