It was the Avatar of Hades in the sixteenth century was known as a loop with the Pegasus 15 century


Brings the story that two Saints only managed to survive in that war, Altar Hakurei and Cancer Sage. According to them, the Twin Gods Thanatos and Hypnos defeated all Gold Saints. leaving only Hakurei alive, along with his brother Cancer Sage had no ability to cope with these terrible gods, but in the anime it is portrayed differently as it presents a flashback in where this holy war spectra Temple advanced to the pope, Hakurei directs the attack with silver saints who managed to stay alive and begins a bloody battle where hades appears at that moment attacking saints left alive at that moment appears with cancer sage, wearing cloth with divine athena athena sword laying a trap to hades covering with energy field to hades and their specter to not resurrect after Hades enraged Athena launches an attack but at that moment the saints stop the attack with his remaining energies regresandoselo defeating hades attack and expel the young spirit that Ihad at the time believing they had already defeated hades, an evil energy appears killing all saints wounding were silver athena then tells Sage and Hakurei already here Hypnos and Thanatos  who came to collect the soul of the twin gods hades then launched an attack on Sage and Hakurei .Athena then stops being wound attack then at that moment Hypnos told the survivors that they would be opening in the next war the size of the Champs Elysees twin gods are removed after going too badly injured athena telling them to keep the sword that had the blood of athena retiring and they lived for the next war before ordering as Pope sage and Hakurei being for them a humiliating war that never ever forget. Hakurei Shrine is appointed Pope of Athena but this post gives his younger brother who takes up the next generation. The souls of the specters are sealed in Tower located thousand miles east of Rozan. Athena also know that leave a Sword protected by the prayers of this goddess to his saints.

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