Holy Sword Hyperion (聖剣天地崩滅斬のハイペリオン - seiken tenchihōmetsuzan no haiperion) is one of the Pallasites First Class.


Aegaeon, Gallia and Hyperion when presented together as Pallas loyal protectors and First Class Pallasites with Titan. There he sworn to defend their victory.

Invasion To PalestraEdit

With the intention of ending the largest possible number of Saints, Hyperion plans a strong attack Palaestra, and gives the leadership of the mission to Aegir and Thebe, but Libra Genbu ends up defeating the entire Pallasites Soldiers and when the attack appeared to have failed Hyeperion ends up sending his Holy Sword to Aegir for him to defeat Genbu.

Battle Of Pallas BeldaEdit

After the unsuccessful invasion of Palestra, Aegaeon with Hyperion and Gallia against Titan appear to remind him that their mission is to take care of Pallas, as ordered, and that none of them is required to help that. Therefore, the counterattack on Pallas Belda invasion by Saints of Athena only rest with him.

Later, everyone gathers in the throne room where Pallas has absorbed enough of her sister cosmo to advance on her growth, and it is able to demonstrate a powerful cosmo which surprises Hyperion and his companions.

Battle Of Pallas CastleEdit

now is his turn to face the gold saint( Kiki , Harbinger , Fudou , Shiryu and Seiya ) and Athena .

To face them , he has no difficulty to defend against attacks from 5 gold saint. He reveals that his goal was just to kill them and guide to Pallas Athena , however Fudou , Kiki and Shiryu say seiya and harbinger to go with Athena while they distracted Hyperion .

Hyperion is distracted and defeat the most powerful attacks of 3 gold saint that one last attack, turn to Athena Exclamation destroying Tenchihōmetsuzan (which was " easily " destroyed by increasing the chap who did the Genbu sword , eventually breaking it once ) .

However , according to the spoilers p . 88 he survived the explosion and will face Koga and the Bronze Saints .

Chronotector and weaponEdit


  • Hyperion is named after the Greek Titan god of the skies. With his sister/wife Theia, Hyperion was also the father of Helios (the Titan of the Sun), Selene (the Titan goddess of the moon) and Eos (the goddess of the dawn). Upon the conclusion of the Titanomachy, with his siblings, Hyperion was imprisoned in Tartarus, the dwelling place of the souls of the damned.
  • Hyperion is the name of one of Saturn's lesser moons.
  • He shares his name with one of the original 12 Titans in Saint Seiya Episode G, Ebony Hyperion.


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