Puerta del Infierno
Hell's Gate (Jigoku Mon 地狱 门 - (じ ご くもん)) is the stone entryway to the Underworld, the kingdom of the god Hades. Above the entrance, there is a carved message to those who enter the Underworld; written in Greek, it states "ΟΠΟΙΟΣ ΜΠΑΙΝΕΙ ΕΔΩ ΝΑ ΠΑΡΑΤΑ ΚΑΘΕ ΕΛΠΙΔΑ" ([ɔpɔjɔs bεni εðɔ na parata kaθε εlpiða], see IPA[1]) and is a rough translation of the phrase "Abandon all Hope, He who Enters Here". Just beyond the gate is the first river of the Underworld, the Acheron

The Gate was directly inspired by Dante Aligheri's Divine Comedy, and the carving on the gate is the final and most famous line of the original speech engraved on the door of Hell in Dante's work.

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