Castilo de Hades
The Heinstein Castle is a fortified medieval castle located in Germany, built atop a steep hill. The castle originally belonged to the noble Heinstein family, which lived there peacefully for centuries. 

Pandora was born in this castle as the first daughter of the Heinstein family. At young age, when strolling trough the park she saw a builiding she never knew of its existence. This derelict building was surrounded by a dead garden, and was shut by a heavy lock. Inside this building she found a box with a Seal of Athena. Pandora broke the seal, and the souls of the gods Hypnos and Thanatos were released. She was told that Hades will become her brother and she must protect him until the final battle begins, if she would, they would grant her eternal life. When Hades was born, all lives at Pandora's house began to die except herself.

Then the castle, now known as "Castle of Hades" (Hades Jo. ハーデス 城, pron. jp. Hādesu Jo, literally: Hades + Castle) became Hades' Earth headquarters, occupied by skeleton guards and Specters

Guard Castle Hades

under direct command of Pandora. From this castle she commanded the infiltration of the Sanctuary during the XX Century Holy War. 

Castle before being controlled by Hades

The castle is surrounded by a Kekkai (barrier), which reduces the cosmo of Athena's Saints to 1/10 of his normal power. Even the power of a Gold Saint can be greatly reduced by the Kekkai. Bronze Saints Seiya, Shiryu, Shun and Hyoga were not affected because they wore Cloths with the divine blood of Athena.

It has also a doorway to the Meikai, similar to Yomotsu Hirasaka. 

In the final events of the Hades Sanctuary Chapter, the castle was destroyed when Hades commanded all remaining Specters on Earth to return to their homebase, the Underworld, after the failed invasion of the Sanctuary.

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