The Hecatonchires (ヘカトンケイル, Hekatonkeiru) are giant creatures with fifty heads and two immense arms that can split into a hundred minor ones, children of Uranus and Gaia and therefore siblings of the Titans and the Cyclops. Iapetos summons one during the confrontation in Jamir against Aries Mu to aid him in battle. Their bodies are very resistant: Iapetos uses them in conjunction with the "Khora Temnein", having their arms cross dimensions to reappear in a different place and attack an enemy.[25]


  • Hecaton Menis (百の激怒(ヘカトンメニス), Hekaton Menisu)
  • Hecaton Molybdaina (百弾(ヘカトンモリュブダイナ), Hekaton Moryubudaina)

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