Hecate (ヘカーテ, hekāte) is a character from of the manga Saint Seiya: Next Dimension. She is known as the witch of the moon (月の魔女, tsuki no majo), and has an age of a thousand years.


On OlympusEdit

Hecate appears when Athena and Shun is lost in search of the Temple of the Moon, Hecate is shocked to see that it is Athena, Hecate told that teaches how to get if they give something back Athena says that he has nothing of value Hecate but says he wants his hair as the legend who drink boiled Athena hair prolong life for 100 years, without hesitation Athena hair cut with a knife that had Hécate. Athena tells which way now Hecate says and continue straight.

Hecate appears again rejuvenated when Athena and Shun go in search of the God of Time Chronos, Hecate says that she still guide them where this Chronos.Hécate comes with Athena to Chronos where Athena is shocked to see the Great lake where find Chronos, Hecate tells him that this is the great portal of Space-Time Chronos then God manifests and attacks Athena and Hecate, Chronos says the body disappeared in thousands of Hecate manages to return .Despues and says it's hard to kill her and who has lived thousands of years thanks to the moon, Hecate sees this and assumes the Star Watch Athena already traveled in the past, Chronos tells him he committed a small prank to Athena, Hecate is surprised by what he said Chronos and fears for the life of Athena.

Hecate is lying thinking about what Athena, When Phoenix Ikki hears her and asks her Athena replies that he has nothing to say then Ikki low Hecate del Pilar where he was and he says he's a bronze saint. Hecate tells the story and says he did mischief Chronos Athena, Hecate Ikki wants to take this Chronos where to go and help Athena.

Hecate carries Phoenix Ikki Chronos where, Ikki wants despetar of his dream but Hecate Chronos Chronos warns that it can send to another dimension, Ikki sees a flower chain belonging to Athena and ready to go where Athena and her brother Shun and lets instructed to report to Hecate Hyoga and Shiryu as to where the wrath to come.

Hecate is in the middle of the fight between Hyoga of Swan and the Angel Toma and says what he commissioned Phoenix Ikki, Hecate entoces flees that no longer wants to engage more with Athena by dyeing the Wrath of the Gods and is Shiryu Dragon with whom he says he wants to know about Athena, Hecate offers that will tell you all if you get the stick that has Shiryu, Shiryu then accepts the Hecate-planting guides where this Hyoga and stick it takes, after a brief fight Shiryu and Hyoga argued that the Angel takes, Hecate's where this guide Lake Chronos and teaches you leave flowers chain Athena, Hecate returns cane Shiryu had given him as a strong felt emanating from the cosmos Shiryu takes the cane and Hyoga are directed along the previous Holy War.


Hecate is a powerful witch who lives in the Oliympus. She can use magic and has these powers:

  • It has 1000 years.
  • It can make a potion with the hair of a god to regain his youth.
  • Is an expert on potions and infusions.
  • It can turn into a crow, is so fly.
  • It can regenerate your body thanks to the Moon.
  • Can make use of illusions.
  • Can perceive the cosmos of others.

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