Heaven Chapter - Overture Poster

Heaven Chapter - Overture promotional poster.

Saint Seiya: Heaven Chapter - Overture (聖闘士星矢 天界編 序奏 ~overture~, Seinto Seiya Tenkai-hen Josō ~Overture~) is the fifth Saint Seiya movie released in the theaters on February 14, 2004. The movie has been directed by Shigeyasu Yamauchi and written by Michiko Yokote and Akatsuki Yamatoya.


After the bloody battle against Hades, the goddess Athena and her saints are still recovering when they find themselves face to face with their newest and most formidable foe: the dreadful goddess Artemis. Artemis replaces Athena as the Earth guardian deity and takes over the Sanctuary which she turns Athena saints into her servants.

Upon invading the Sanctuary, the Bronze Saints was banish by Artemis and decide to fight the moon goddess in order to rescue their true goddess and free the Earth from Artemis ominous control.


  • It has been 15 years since the release of the fourth movie of Saint Seiya.
  • The movie focuses mostly on Seiya and Athena, as the other Bronze Saints are not been seen that much which they only appears during their respective fights with the other Angels.
  • Eagle Marin, Ophiuchus Shaina, Unicorn Jabu, and Hydra Ichi also appears in the movie.
  • The movie also has a very ambiguous ending, with many plot points and danglers unresolved. In this ending Athena wishes Seiya can find the person what he has been wanting to find. Since in episode 2 Athena begins to take Seiya into Galaxian War and then many battles instead of finding Seika directly. She now hopes Seiya never and no longer get hurt. She hopes Seiya could find Seika in the first place, shifting into alter timeline. The Next Dimension follows this concept to back to past time.