Healer Island

Healer Island, as seen from a Sanctuary boat.

Healer Island[1] (薬師の島 Kusushi no Shima) or Island of the Healers is an island off the coast of Athena's Sanctuary.

Overview Edit

Described by Pisces Albafica as a "peaceful land abundant with herbs", the island is known for its healers and is a recognized ally of Athena's Sanctuary and the saints. The fame causes the island to attract sick and wounded people from a wide range that seek their healing. This was shown in the series, where many of those that are wounded offer their hopeless bodies to Luco.

Plot Edit

During the events of The Lost Canvas Gaiden 1: Pisces, the island falls into decay as an evil star awakens in its master healer, Luco. The event attracted death and multiple skeletons as the herbs started to wither, only to be replaced with underworldly plants. Pope Sage sent Pisces Albafica who, guided by the island's refugee Pefko, investigated Healer Island, soon being confronted with the truth about Luco.

Appearances Edit

References Edit

  1. 薬師 is formed by the kanji (Kusuri), meaning "drugs", "pharmaceuticals" and "medicine" and (Shi), meaning "teacher", "master", "specialist" or "mentor". Together, they form 薬師 (Kusushi), a term for "healing doctor". The term itself is seen as an abbreviation of another, however, 薬師如来 (Yakushinyorai), the Japanese name of Bhaisajyaguru the Buddha of medicine.

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