Hakutaku (白澤(ハクタク)?, pinyin: Baí Zé) His real name is Fei-Yǎn, is the young leader of Taonia and is the main enemy of Libra Chapter .



Fei-Yǎn had a difficult childhood, his village was flooded by the overflow of rivers, when he and his sister were saved by Hakuryu , Fei-Yan kept hugging her sister even if not stop shaking soon after decided to live in Senkyo .

Twelve after the holy war

Leads the Land of the Taonias Sennin. Appears after Hui said Liu-Xing was defeated by Libra Dōko (TLC) in the five peaks. Mudan says in fact he does not return and then forget Hui says that kid stupid move. The tiger will not die so easily. Mudan says the deal with that stupid kid is exaggerated, the Hui have not understood Mudan Hakutaku tells the Hakutaku eyes can see everything. Hakutaku Hakutaku says I am able to see everything and this is also true for this country that I have acquired, These eyes can see things nasty, mindless people driven by their personal ambitions. There were people like this in the Holy War 12 years ago. The method used by the emperor of darkness during the war was not the right way to control the world, he did not understand that the world do it is a huge rush of life. To dominate the world, it is essential to consider the divine providence of nature and become close to natural phenomena. Hakutaku So, am the most suitable for the emperor to reign on earth and heaven! of Taonia and I can see that the son of the tiger will become a problem for us. Then Hakutaku Hui you were of the same generation and you do that? Can you kill an old friend? Hui says without question. Even then they are not exactly amigos.Los fangs into my itch only hear his nombre.y put my fangs in his throat. The fox in the back can not wait! Hakutaku tells very well. Go, then anger in you can not control'll see, Kyûbiko Qusi Hui says Yes!