Hakuryu ( 白龙(ハクリュウ) - Hakuryu) An order of legendary warriors of the Xian Jing, the fairylands beetwen human and spirit world, are the Taonia, or Pursuing Clerics, were renowned protectors of peace through the use of the power of the forces of nature, only to protect, and never to attack. The Taonia ambush Dohko, much to his amazement.


It is the old benevolent leader of the Order of Sennin, who ruled for a thousand years after he was betrayed by Fei-Yǎn of Hakutaku . Hakuryu has immense powers related to nature, and even when it petrified her powers continue to influence climate. As we can see, is still respected by many members of the Taonia , which remain faithful siéndoles and other former members as Libra Dohko .


  • This character is exclusive Libra Chapter.
  • As happened with the teacher Dohko, this gurrero was human before becoming a dragon, it is believed that both characters can be the same being.
  • We can assume that the tattoo was carrying on his back was the Dragon.
  • Its name means White Dragon.