Griffon Vermeer (グリフォンのフェルメール, Gurifon no Ferumēru) is a character from anime and manga Saint Seiya Next Dimension of the series known as The Saint Seiya Next Dimension. His star is the Celestial Nobility Star, and along with Garuda Suikyo and Wyvern forms the 3 Judges of Hell, the elite warriors of the Army of Hades.


At the Castle GateEdit

Makes its appearance as the spectrum Vemeer tap which has golden hair when Golden Saints (Shion and Dohko) Tenma explain to the work of Santos and his duty to Athena, so the three head to look Alone but late. Pandora had taken the boy to get Hades.Al Castle near Tenma castle is attacked by a group of soldiers who skeletons Hades Shion and Dohko .suddenly feel a very powerful cosmo which belonged to tap Vermeer Celestial Star of Nobility, which attacks the Saints with Cosmic Marionettion which can do nothing.

At the moment when Vermeer was about to use the final blow is interrupted by the judge of the Garuda who Shion, and Tenma Dohko recognize the voice of Suikyō, now a Judge of Hell the Vemeer asks to go to the Pandora is planning meeting but he refuses until he murders Suikyo Saints offered to kill but was wary of him and at the time the judge was about to kill Infernal, is called by Pandora with Vermeer, leaving the work about skeleton

Meeting with PandoraEdit

Pandora Reaparace before questioning the alleged Suikyō loyalty is only pretending to fear that, Pandora Suikyō replied that is not the only traitor to the Sanctuary. Shortly after his fight with him and the Saints are talking Pandora, Pandora reveals that in the sanctuary there is a traitor and this prompted that he is and the answer is the patriarch of what he says is glad that the sanctuary will be destroyed from within and that if things go well the spectra will not suffer any casualties in ejercito.Aun Pandora decides whether to send someone invade the Sanctuary Vemmer torque that is offered but Pandora decides to send Suikyo Vemeer gets angry and says I could not send it on because he was a saint to what Pandora's precisely why I sent since the Shrine as anyone knows.

The Invasion of the SanctuaryEdit

Vermeer returns to the room where Pandora to inform the group that sent Spectrum had been killed, but Suikyo goes to the Temple of Gemini, despite this Vermeer continued to doubt the loyalty of Suikyo considered an error and let go forward alone again ask to be sent to lead the invasion of Sanctuary, but Pandora replied that should save his strength, although they have lost several members of the army, continue as planned, so I asked to wait at right time to attack with his army. Emerging from the meeting is faced Milan Rana, which questions their contempt Suikyo, despite threatening to kill Milan continued arguing with him on the subject; Vermeer says no Suikyo confident in knowing that background is still a Saint of Athena, but decided to wait until the time comes to take his life.

Yomotsu HirasakaEdit

Veermer is sent to Pandora to the Sanctuary to kill Athena. Arrives in Yomotsu Hirasaka together with a group of his specter subjected, and meet the two saint Ikki of Phoenix and DeathToll of Cancer. Ikki defeats the group of specter, it Veermer used on him the Cosmic Marionetion. DT intervenes in the duel that saves Ikki, it imprisons Veermer in "Omertà". The specter he can free himself, is torture DeathToll with the Cosmic Marionetion Change, but in aid of the gold saint intervenes Ikki defeating Veermer with the technique Phoenix Genma-ken, which then falls into a well that in the world of the dead.


  • Cosmic Marionettion (コズミックマリオネーション, Kozumikku Marionēshon): Veemer uses the cosmos to create very fine and solid power cords, almost invisible, clinging to the arms and legs of the enemy, these allow Veemer keep the body of his opponent difficult to control and manipulate their movements at will, as a mere marionette, bending and distorting what you want in a grotesque and frightening display of sadism. Veemer can present to his opponent to a cruel torture extreme fácildade causing fractures to manage the wire, even death, can break the members with a simple touch of a finger and keep it in levitation.
  • Cosmic Marionettion Change: technique similar to Cosmic Marionetion. Is a variant.
  • Infernal thread: this is the main thread of the Cosmic Marionette and Cosmic Marionette Change. Is indestructible.

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