One of the three commanders of the Underworld, Celestial Noble Star Griffon Minos (天貴星グリフォンのミーノス Tenkisei Gurifon no Mīnosu?) battled the Pisces Gold Saint of the same era.


Holy War XVI Century

Invade the shrine led by Hades in the body of Hades ( Unknown ) with several Specters including highlights Worm Raimi and Bat Wimber killed by Altar Hakurei

The Lost Canvas

Minos is sent with a group of specters in charge to invade the sanctuary shortly after the start of the holy war between Athena and Hades in the eighteenth century, but they run into a garden of roses poisoned the Gold Saint Pisces Albafica placed to stop their advance. Start a battle that gets Albafica end the life of all Minos Group specters, who manages to catch the gentleman with his Cosmic Marionettion. Albafica attacks him with all his strength but Minos rejects all techniques, after a brief struggle, Minos stomp all Albafica bones, and presumed dead.

He then decides to destroy Rodorio , the village near the Shrine Albafica is trying so hard to protect. As he is about to kill Agasha , a young fan of Albafica, Aries Shion stops him, but neither is a match for the Cosmic Marionettion of Minos. Luckily for Shion, Albafica not dead and interrupts the battle, getting to end the life of Minos to stab him in the heart one of white roses , imbued with his own blood poison. Before dying Rodorio Minos tries to destroy the Gigantic Feathers Flap, but Shion's stopping with Crystal Wall .

Surplice, Star & Name

Griffon are creatures whose front is an eagle, a lion and the rear. It was a symbol of nobility and his image appears on many coats of arms of noble families, so be considered the star of the nobility. They were dedicated to Apollo and kept his treasures, killing all those who longed for his riches. The Divine Comedy, a Griffon pulling a chariot representing the Church led by Christ, for the Griffon reigns on earth as in heaven, like a lion is the king of the land and as the eagle is the king of heaven. They live in desert areas and were enemies of serpents and basilisks, considered satanic creatures.

Sliver cloth Aquila is an eagle. Gold cloth Leo is a lion. Combining two together and forming a boss Griffon somehow fulfills Kurumada's original will since the first episode: Aiolia as protagonist and Marin as Aiolia's girlfriend.From the Water Margin story, Minos's star originates from the character Chai Jin, is nicknamed 'Little Whirlwind' and he charged rent.In Greek myth, Minos was the King of Crete. Later he became the final judge of the underworld.


  • Cosmic Marionette (コズミックマリオネーション, Kosumikku Marioneeshon, the English "Cosmic Marionetion"): Minos uses the cosmos to create very fine and solid power cords, almost invisible, clinging to the arms and legs of the enemy, these allow Minos keep the body of his opponent difficult to control and manipulate their movements at will, as a mere marionette, bending and distorting what you want in a grotesque and frightening display of sadism. Minos can present to his opponent to a cruel torture extreme fácildade causing fractures to manage the wire, even death, can break the members with a simple touch of a finger and keep it in levitation.
  • Gigantic Feathers Flap  (ギガンティックフェザーフラップ, Gigantikku Furappu Feza, the English "Gigantic Flap Feathers"): Minos the air rises and moves the wings of his surplice. The beating wings of the Griffin Surplice exudes a cosmic high concentration to form a hurricane. This expands to explode into pure energy in a place devastated the frightening attack.