Great Aegaeon sword is, Gallia considers the weakest of the First Class pallasite.

☀But it must be false because Gallia and very proud and arrogant and believes he decease in battle and an insult to his true master.


Aegaeon is an adult male rugged appearance. His hair is blue and is divided into two divisions by a midline center, from which arise tufts of hair falls outward. His eyes are a light shade between green and blue, and emphasizes its prominent chin reminiscent of Dohko.


Vs Phoenix Ikki - First FightEdit

It is not known precisely for what the reason Aegaeon fought Ikki. Though it is speculated that he was ordered to stop Ikki by his God (then-not yet revealed) after the Legendary Saint have defeated countless number of Pallasites.

Four Heavenly Kings' ArrivalEdit

He appears along with Gallia and Hyperion on Pallas and Titan. He is presented as a user of the Great Sword Jūbakuraizanba . Together with other Pallasite First Class, Aegeon discusses the possibility of an immediate attack against Athena.As Hyperion and Gallia, Aegaeon seems to be totally subordinated to Pallas. He says he wanted to have a duty of care Goddess.

Battle of Pallas BeldaEdit

When Mira overwhelmed the Bronze Saints, Aegaeon feels the presence of Ikki reaching the battlefield and revealed he has sent a group of Pallasites soldiers to kill him.

Then, he remembers the power of the Phoenix that even having been wounded by the shoulder; Ikki managed to make a crack on his Great Sword Jūbakuraizanba.

Battle of AlfheimEdit

Vs Bronze Saints and Andromeda Shun  Edit

The Four Heavenly Kings present at the Pallas' throne room where Pallas has absorbed enough of her sister's Cosmo to grow into her adult form. He later fought Koga and his friends and easily overwhelmed them, but got suprised when Koga placed a crack on his sword. Despite this, Aegaeon eventually beats down the Saints and attempted to finish them off. However, he was intercepted by Phoenix Ikki.

Vs Phoenix Ikki - Second Fight and DeathEdit

He then fought Ikki once again. At first he seemingly has the upperhand until Ikki destroyed his Great Sword. Right afterward, Ikki used his Genma Ken technique in an effort to force Aegaeon to reveal his true master. Aegaeon however, thwarted Ikki's attempts by hitting himself with the hilt of his sword. The battle continued in a stalemate until Ikki and Aegaeon clashed with their Cosmos which resulted in both fighter deaths.

Chronotector and weaponEdit

Main article: Gravitontector Main article: Jūbakuraizanba


  • Aegaeon is the name of one of the Hekatonkheires, a race of 3 giant creatures that had 100 arms and 50 heads each. The Hekatonkheires were children of Gaia and Uranus, and the younger siblings of the Titans. However, Uranus was fearful of their power and disgusted with their appearance, so he shoved them back up Gaia's womb and imprisoned them in Tartarus. They were later freed by Zeus in return for their aid in the Titanomachy, during which they threw mountains at the Titans. After the Titans were defeated and jailed in Tartarus, Aegaeon's brothers serve as their guards, while Aegaeon himself works as Zeus's attendant.
  • Aegaeon is the name of one of Saturn's moons.


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