Gram Sigurd (グラムシグルド,Guramushigurudo) He is the grandson of the chief god of Norse mythology Odin mythological hero and son of Sigmund, Sigurd is the bearer of the Holy Sword Gram, emerges again in an unknown century as a Gladiator.

History Edit

Assassination mission Edit

Considering that it was not necessary to fight against the carrier directly Excalibur, Sigurd decides to send a member of the Faceless which he complains that because of the previous two failures of the Faceless is putting at risk the reputation of the group, after this Sigurd orders him to kill the carrier Excalibur

Gram vs Excalibur Edit

After the defeat of the Faceless member who had been sent by Sigurd, the latter arises in the battlefield after exchanging a few words with Shura and Shiryū, Sigurd presents himself as the bearer of a sacred sword after this Sigurd attacks to Shiryū using various techniques, but the latter manages protected by a large shield of gold, which surprises Sigurd who decide to use Sacred Sword

Then Sigurd said he considered that it was not necessary for him personally fight against Excalibur carrier, which is why we choose to use a member of the Faceless to assassinate the bearer of the holy sword Excalibur, but at the failure of member the Faceless, Sigurd decides to take over in person to assassinate the bearer of Excalibur. Then Shura shows Sigurd as a Gladiator, warriors who used the Holy Swords and can coat their bodies with her, which Sigurd appreciates it believes is a "burden" to make a presentation, after that it is mentioned as the bearer of the sword anger, sacred sword, Gram and says that if the "dragon slayer" is special because it was so is the sacred sword that he uses the murderer Fafnir, after this Sigurd also reveals that he is also the grandson the chief god of Norse mythology, Odin hero and son of Sigmund, Sigurd finally coated his body with his Holy Sword and later attacks Shiryū combining several techniques

After witnessing when Shiryū wear the Libra Cloth, Sigurd taunts his opponent as it seems that their enemy has finally become serious, which gladdens the Gladiator as continuing the fight during much more time would be boring and tiring for him, so Sigurd asks Shiryū to do him the favor to die once, quickly repeatedly attacks the Holy Gladiator Gold, who thanks to its agility and each manages to avoid all the punches thrown by Sigurd, the latter recognizes that the courage of his opponent is big and realizes that Shiryū not need sight to fight and asks how long ?, was blind to what the Holy Golden responds that because of an old injury, he loses consciousness from sight when you risk too, hearing this the Gladiator recognizes the value of opponent as if determined to see to face him, resulting in a new question why? To which Shiryū answer is because you can hear the voices of his friends, then the Attack Sigurd with Shō Rozan Ryu Ha.

After this Libra Shiryu faints while Sigurd although wounded yet still standing, the Gladiator feels angry he gave his sacred sword has been damaged and it is preparing to assassinate Shiryū but realizes that his foot to been damaged as his sword, after this Sigurd says the Holy of Libra finds it amazing and has "danced" upon hearing this Shura asks what he meant by "dancing" asks the Gladiator is unresponsive but if Shura says he knew nothing and that the Holy Golden did not understand their desire and who do not know, after that it proceeds to withdraw from the battlefield

Gold Wings Edit

Afterwards Sigurd is an unknown place as time and area, the Gladiator realizes the damage he received his sacred sword is considerable damage when it comes to the Roland says finally arrived thing that Sigurd It responds like a battle he had fought against the Holy of Libra not going to kill it, but Roland tells him that he was not referring to Sigurd but his sacred sword, which had received a deep cut after this Alice also appears and says that being one of the bearers of the Holy Swords and should take care that we already should know what Sigurd replied that he already knew and did not need two of them tell Sigurd, after this comes to ask the "dance" to which the carrier Durandal says no to call so casually and proceeds to remind their agreement that they needed a permit to use the "dance of power," then a mysterious man It comes before them that tells Sigurd that a "dancer" should be protected and not used so the carrier Gram apologizes and after that he says he has not forgotten need the permission of that mysterious person but that is He was furious with himself but then self-corrects said he was actually so that damaged his sword and then asks the man if he could have a "dancer" to what the mystery man replied that he will try to but remember asking him to be just one more chance, after this man reminds them to look after their Swords Sacred and do not forget that they must keep hidden their true forms what Sigurd said he was about to show his true form but restrained, the man says he hopes to continue doing so because the time has not come yet but we all shine with a golden glow

Ally or Enemy Edit

Sigurd then appears in Tochigi Prefecture, Nikko City, Kanugachiisgucho where the Gladiator maintains a brief conversation with a mysterious man, in which Sigurd asks if he has already decided which side is what the mystery man that he does not own no allies and if he had to choose would side with reason and that his path is on the side of truth and therefore place will always be in the beginning and in the end, to hear this Sigurd says no speak in riddles to what the man says it is an impatient man while saying that the path he has taken no matter as soon as they come to him soon and will be at that time when the Gladiator understand Shiryu words

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