Gothi Drbal
Japanese ドルバル教主[1]
Romanization Dorubaru Kyōshu
General Information
Classification Gothi of Odin
Deity Odin
Black Cloth
God Cloth
God Robe Heimdall God Robe
Ars Magna
Sacred Sword
Evil Star
Cosmoenergy Crimson
Realm Asgard, Northern Europe
Abilities shown Atomic destruction
Mind manipulation
Pressure manipulation
Named techniques Odin Shield
Items used Heimdall Sword
Biographical Information
Age 34 years
Race Human
Gender Male
Place of birth Asgard, Northern Europe[2]
Place of training Asgard, Northern Europe
Place of death Valhalla Palace, Asgard
Blood type
Zodiac sign Gemini
Height 195 cm
Weight 94 kg
Debut The Heated Battle of the Gods
Appearances The Heated Battle of the Gods
Japanese voice Iemasa Kayumi
English voice
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Drbal (ドルバル教主, Dorubaru Kyōshu) is the leader of the God Warriors and gothi of Asgard in The Heated Battle of the Gods.


When Hyoga visit the land of Asgard alerted by a dying man on a possible future battle, mysteriously disappears, so Athena and Bronze Saints decide to visit the Valhalla Palace for clues to the whereabouts of the Knight of the Swan. Durbal says he knew nothing, and invites the group to spend the night in the palace, but they refuse. Later serving Frey , who has doubts about Loki , the God Warriors , and they think they want to start a war against Athena. Durbal reassures her that he will talk to Loki, but as it Frey turns away  Durbal attacks him, locking him in a cell. Sends his Asgard Soldier to be back by Athena, who stays at home Frey and Freya , and when faced with the goddess, choke attempts. Saori's power prevents the matte, so Odin Shield uses his technique to catch in a parallel dimension.

When Seiya defeats Loki, Durbal comes before the Bronze Saints with his own armor, disappointed that his warriors were not able to destroy Athena protectors. Durbal strikes Seiya several blows up destroying his cloth , and  have to enclose it with Odin Shield also, but Shun attacks at the right time to prevent Seiya is a victim of the terrible technique, so Durbal strikes a Shun blow that knocks him out. Hyoga appears at this time, which had previously been under the control of Durbal and disguised under the name of Midgard, so Durbal ordered to kill Seiya, but Hyoga awakened and throws his technique Aurora Thunder Attack , which Durbal narrowly dodges, but his legs are frozen. Durbal attacks Hyoga but catches the Bronze Saints, after defeating him smash it against the ground.

Durbal attack Seiya again, but Ikki in the attack. At that time the Sagittarius Gold Cloth comes in aid of Athena, assembling on Seiya, who launches his attack Pegasus Ryuseiken against Durbal, damaging and destroying parts of his armor. When Seiya prepares to shoot the Golden Arrow to Durbal, he threatens Seiya to do shoot him so they can never release Athena's Shield Odin, but then appears Frey, which tells Athena to rescue himself and sets out to destroy the Statue Of Odin . Durbal attacks Frey to avoid destroying the statue, but to no avail. Then Seiya shoot Durbal with the arrow penetrating his sword right through to his chest. Before he died from the wound of the arrow, Durbal is crushed by the giant rock sword statue of Odin, when this is collapsing due to Frey.


The robe is the most complete among the warriors of Asgard that appear in this film. Purple, covers almost the entire body with leg, knee, thigh, forearm and arm protectors, shoulder pads and finished in peak overalls covering the entire torso, exposing the area from the hips to the thighs. It is unknown whether the robe includes a helmet or crown, but Durbal, while carrying robe, always appears bareheaded. Generic name is unknown or particularly the Divine Warrior armor of this story.



  • Odin's Shield (オーディーン・シールド, Ōdīn Shīrudo): A technique that traps the target in a dimensional prison.
  • Durbal uses his cosmo to attack creating shock waves of great destructive power, capable of hitting the target from great distances. Moreover, according to Pegasus Seiya , moves faster than the Gold Saints , which means it is able to move faster than light, but this may be just an appreciation of Seiya.


  • His name is a juxtaposition of the god Baldr (see the "Naming" section of the page's template), identified with light, beauty and love, and it means "Lord," "Prince" and "King".[3]
  • During the battle Drbal claims to have under his control Hyoga, although not specified if by some power or technique, or is brainwashed in the old way.
  • Drbal is a unique character of the movie Saint Seiya: The fierce battle of the gods (Saint Seiya Kamigami no Atsuki tatakai). When in the anime saga appears Asgard, where Odin is the representative Polaris Hilda , adventure and characters, are removed from the continuity of history.


  1. ドルバル Dorubaru is a juxtaposition of バルドル Barudoru, the Japanese reading of "Baldr". Alternatively, his name can be read as Durbal or Derbal. Phonetically, it could also be written Dorbal or Dorval, but those are not official.
  2. Presumably.
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