Golem Rock (天角星ゴーレムのロック, Tenkakusei Gōremu no Rokku ) is one of Hades' 108 Specters.. Rock's power lies in the Divine Horned Star.

Plot (TLC)

He was briefly featured in the shadows of Alone's awakening as Hades. In the anime adaptation, he also appeared as Hades' bodyguard in Italy, along with Troll Ivan.

Plot (Hades Arc)

Like fellow Specter Troll Ivan, Golem Rock was a Guardian of the Third Prison of the Underworld. He also was considered strong and fearsome.

He is the first Specter Dragon Shiryuu and Cygnus Hyouga faced when trespassing the Third Prison. Rock confidently said he would never let them pass through, but his words went ignored by the two Saints, who just went on.

Angered, Rock decided to make them pay for what he considered an insult, and performed his powerful move, named Rolling Bomber Stone, which was pretty much a very dangerous avalanche of huge rocks.

Noticing the danger, Shiryuu decided to counter not only the avalanche, but also the menace Rock posed. Performing his deadly Rozan ShouRyuuHa at full force, Shiryuu send the avalanche returning whence it came, and Golem Rock took the full force of Shiryuu's attack, dying instantly.

Rock's intervention in the anime is exactly identical to the events in the manga.


  • Rolling Bomber Stone (ローリングボンバーストーン, Rōringu Bonbā Sutōn): Rock has the ability to manipulate stones and throw them upon the enemy, crushing it.

Surplice, Name and Star

  • Golem Surplice

The Golem Surplice represents a Golem, a mythical creature from Jewish folklore. A golem was usually crafted from stone or mud (but could be made from any suitable inanimate material) and brought to life using special prayers and a phrase inscribed on the forehead; they were designed to do the bidding of the person who animated them. A golem could be stopped by removing a certain letter from its forehead, which would deactivate it. Rock's Star is TenKakuSei (天角星), the Divine Horned Star.


  • Rock was another of Hades' Specters that found death at Shiryuu's hands.
  • Masami Kurumada probably gave Rock's technique, Rolling Bomber Stone, that name as a reference to the Rolling Stones.
  • 角 can also means "angle", which is an irony as Golem's technique and the prison he was in charged were related to giant spheres.




  • Saint Seiya manga Vol. 24