Goldy (ゴールディ, Gōrudi) is a giant lion who wears an armor similar to the Gold Cloths, has a big heart willing to continue justice, even if this causes problems with Leo Kaiser.


Appears to Andromeda Shun, Leo guarding the temple, before the appearance of Leo Kaiser , the owner, who explains that the Holy Andromeda Goldie is a sacred lion caring for the house with him. Then Kaiser orders Goldie to devour Shun, but it just caressing instead, which impresses Kaiser as Goldie is not affectionate with anyone but him. Like a cat, Goldie lays on the floor, about Shun, as he petted. Such behavior tells Kaiser that Shun should not be someone evil, but can not fully believe his story, so he warns that if an enemy is going to end up as "that other person" I try to go through your home. Then he orders Kaiser Goldie bring another attacker to give an example to Shun, which makes the lion, enters the house and soon returned with Garuda Sukiyo unconscious in his mouth, and then deposit it with Shun.

When Kaiser prepares to attack Andromeda Shun with a bang, Goldie protects you against all odds, receiving a wound in the right leg. Seeing this I warn Kaiser smudging, but Goldie refuses and continues to protect Shun, Kaiser says if the attack does not depart.

Then comes Pegasus Tenma and Goldie says is better than Kaiser, Kaiser says if Tenma tries to say that this is better than Leon, Goldie attacks Tenma, Tenma sees Goldie is injured and leg band, Goldie in signal thanks to Tenma starts licking and Goldie saliva has healing and cure their wounds Tenma, Leo Kaiser, Shun and Tenma recognizes that are not their enemies, but says he feels Cosmos that is approaching its Temple.


  • Wears armor similar to the Leo Gold Cloth.
  • Goldy can feel the goodness of people, why could not attack took Shun and inexplicable affection, seeing Tenma put a bandage on the wound, this did something similar and licked the wounds the saint, could thus be cured because their saliva is unique to heal.


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