Gold Saint versus Gold Saint is the third episode of Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold.

Synopsis Edit

Scorpio Milo finally goes up against God Warrior Surtr. And the other man who stands before Miro is actually the Gold Saint Aquarius Camus! Meanwhile, Aiolia and Lyfia who are heading to the great tree Yggdrasil happen to bump into Cancer Deathmask in the town. Lyfia cannot hide her surprise in seeing this man who seems nothing like a Gold Saint, but she still asks Deathmask to save Asgard. However, Deathmask refuses to join the fight. The area gets engulfed in the tense atmosphere created by the Cosmos of the Gold Saints Aiolia and Deathmask! At the same time Milo topples over a cliff and meets with Virgo Shaka. Refusing to stay put, Milo once again challenges Aquarius Camus before Surt engulfs him with flames. A mysterious saint appears in the flames: Gemini Saga!

Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

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