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Gold Clothes

Gold Clothes

The Gold Cloths (黄金聖衣, Gōrudo Kurosu) are the highest class of Cloth that Athena's Saints wield. They're given to exceptionally powerful Saints who have mastered their Seventh Sense.

There are only twelve Cloths, one for each corresponding Zodiac sign. They provide the most protection and cover most of the body. Though they don't have as many unique abilities as their weaker counterparts.


Like all Cloths, Gold Cloths are alive. Using the cosmo of the wearer, they function as protection. They can be destroyed, though they have survived since the ages of myth through countless battles. It takes the strength of a god in his true body to completely destroy a Gold Cloth. They all freeze at -273.15 degrees Celsius (Absolute Zero) and typically speaking, the wearers can fight at the Speed of Light, due to their having awakened the Seventh Sense.

Gold Cloths are even able to withstand the power equivalent to that of a big bang, the same force the created the universe. As stated in the Hades arc. when Mu, Aiolia and Milo come together to use the devastating attack, Athena's Exclamation.


While the Bronze Cloths and the Silver Cloths generally have constellations that lie to the north and south of the Sun's path (Ophiuchus Silver Cloth being the exception), the Gold Cloths have constellations that lie along the Sun's path through the cosmo, each being blocked by the Sun at a differing time. Being the Zodiac, these Cloths have absorbed the light of the Sun since the days of Myth, and can even recreate that might when combined. Ophiuchus is now a Constelattion 13ª of Zodiac sign.

In Saint Seiya: The Next Dimension, there is apparently a thirteenth Gold Cloth, the Ophiuchus Gold Cloth worn by a yet unnamed Thirteenth Evil Gold Saint.

List of ClothsEdit

  • Aries Cloth (The Ram, a Aries first zodiac sign and constelattion)
  • Taurus Cloth (The Bull, a Taurus second zodiac sign and constelattion)
  • Gemini Cloth (The Twins, a Gemini third zodiac sign and constelattion)
  • Cancer Cloth (The Crab, a Cancer fourth zodiac sign and constellation)
  • Leo Cloth (The Lion, a Leo fifth zodiac sign and constelattion)
  • Virgo Cloth (The Maiden, a Virgo sixth zodiac sign and constelattion)
  • Libra Cloth (The Scales, a Libra seventh zodiac sign and constelattion)
  • Scorpio Cloth (The Scorpion, a Scorpio eighth zodiac sign and Scorpius constelattion)
  • Sagittarius Cloth (The Centaur-Archer, a Sagittarius ninth zodiac sign and constelattion)
  • Capricorn Cloth (The Sea-Goat or Mountain Goat, a Capricorn tenth zodiac sign and Capricornus constelattion)
  • Aquarius Cloth (The  Water-Bearer, a Aquarius eleventh zodiac sign and constelattion)
  • Pisces Cloth (The Fish, a Pisces twelfth and final zodiac sign and constelattion)

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