The proud warriors of the northen lands of Asgard, they fight to defend the Norse God Odin and his hierarch, the equivalent to Athena's Pope. There are three groups of God Warriors: first, the ones introduced in the movie "Saint Seiya: The Heated Battle of the Gods", the seven (plus one) from the anime series, and the seven from Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold.

The God Warriors are probably inspired by the Blue Warriors from the manga, and share many concepts with them, like living in a land of ice with the wish to migrate in a warmer land, and with fighting skills similar to those of Saints. Alexei shares also his secret attack Blue Impulse with the God Warrior Mizar Syd. The movie Saint Seiya: The Heated Battle of the Gods gave part of the inspiration to Toei Animations to create the Asgard saga and the more famous God Warriors

God Warriors (movie)

First, there are the God Warriors from the movie Saint Seiya: The Heated Battle of the Gods, who are probably just the prototypes of the God Warriors that appeared later in the anime series. It's not known how strong they are compared to them, except for their leader Dolbar who is at least on par with them if not above.

God Warriors (anime)

God Warriors from the anime series are exceptionally strong, they seem to posses a standard level of strength comparable to a Gold Saint, but it appears that their powers can be pushed even beyond, like some of them have shown during the battles. Their impressive Cosmo doesn't seem to be attained with training, like the Saints does, but instead God Warriors seem to have been simple warriors of Asgard or criminals that are awakened as supernatural fighters by Hilda and by the power of their armors, the God Robes, that have the Odin Sapphires inside them. Those gems contains the power of the 7 stars of the Ursa Major constellation, clearly related to the power of Odin himself and needed to awaken his own God Robe, the Odin Robe, with the legendary Balmung sword, a divine weapon capable to ensure incredible power. The God Warriors seem to hint that the Odin Sapphires, that the Bronze Saints intend to obtain, are what gives protection to their God Robe and thus to themselves, meaning possibly that their powers may be related to them. The names of the God Warriors and their Robes are inspired to famous Norse heroes, gods and monsters. Exemples are Siegfried, Thor or Fenrir and it can be assumed that they can be the actual reincarnations of such beings. The battle against the God Warriors is not really a battle of "good versus evil", because both Athena's Saints and Odin's God Warriors fight for Asgard safety and for noble ideals, but it's because of Poseidon that gave the Nibelunghen Ring to Hilda to make her drive Asgard forces against Sanctuary that the whole war takes place.

The God Warrior Mizar Syd is the first to attack and to show the God Warriors' fearsome abilities, catching Taurus Aldebaran off guard first and holding the upper hand against Pegasus Seiya and Andromeda Shun together second, despite they were experienced by the battle against the Gold Saints and armed with the new powerful Cloths. Only the intervention of Dragon Shiryū, Cygnus Hyōga and Phoenix Ikki forced him to retire because he was too outnumbered. In the end all the God Warriors die although many of them understood that the Saint were not enemies, but their code of honor forced them to fight to the end.

Hilda's God Warriors (sorted by Greek alphabetical order):

God Warriors (Soul of Gold)


  • If you notice, "Soldier's Dream" song, which either sung by Hironobu Kageyama, and ROOT FIVE, is placed at opening which God Warriors are appeared.