Gigas (ギガース, Gigāsu) is chief of staff for the Pope. He is a short, aged man with a strange jewel replacing his left eye. He appears only in the anime adaptation and thus is a non-canonical character.


Gigas is the personal adviser to the Pope Arles who commands and directs the missions of the Saints of the Sanctuary of Athena. Gigars who sent Docrates to Japan in order to recover the Gold Cloth of Sagittarius. Shortly after, Docrates reports to have recovered all the armor suit except for the helmet, and because of the delay in recoveringt hat part, Gigars instructs his subordinate, Phaeton, to tell Docrates not dare to return unless he succeeds in retriieving the helmet.

Gigars informs the Patriarch about Socrates' situation in Japan. Then Pope Arles orders Gigas orders, to tell Docrates that Pegasus Seiya must die, and if successful, he will be rewarded as he deserves. Later Gigars informs the Pope Arles about Docrates' death and complete failure both in ihis attempt to get the helmet of the Golden Cloth of Sagittarius and kill Seiya..

Pope Arles reminds Gigas that he'd pay his failure with his own life. Gigarbegs for mercy and claims he has come up with a plan to eliminate the Bronze Saints and recover the helmet. The patriarch decides to give him another chance since the best part of the Gold Cloth of Sagittarius has been retrieved.

Gigas seeks advice from Shaina Ophiuchus and she requests him to be sent to Japan, but he thinks it over and decides to keep her as an ace under his sleeve. Shaina then suggests Gigas he uses Geist and the Saints of the Abyss, who live in exile on Castle Island after getting expelled from the Sanctuary upon their involvement in criminal acts. They send a carrier pigeon with a message to Castle Island where Geist lives to tell her about the mission.

Shaina and Gigas promise that if Geist fulfills her mission, she and her associates will be granted a pardon and be allowed to return from their exile. Shorly after, Gigas learnsabout the defeat and death of Geist and the Saints of the Abyss. When he breaks the bad news to Pope Arles, the latter bursts into rage and recriminates Gigas for both not keeping his word and not doing his duty.

The Pope Arles decided to give Gigas yet one more chance to redeem himself by returning the helmet of the Gold Cloth of Sagittarius to the Sanctuary. Gigas leaves the Chamber of the Pope Arles thanking him for his clemency. After that, he tells his subordinate Phaeton that he wants the head of Seiya and the other saints of Bronze, and for that purpose, he thinks of using Saint Crystal, Cynus Hyoga's master.

As Saint Crystal arrives in the Sanctuary he expresses his contempt for Gigas for having betryed his sacred duties, an argument quickly ensues. As Crystal overpowers Phaeton, Gigas alerts the Sanctuary guards and directs to detain Crystal, but they no match for him (being a Silver Saint and all). Then he turns his anger against Gigas, and as he is about to finish him off, the Pope shows up and commands him to stop. Crystal urges the pope to bring the Santuary to the right path, but the pope responds that he has no right to question his actions. Then he proceeds to seize Crystal´s mind using his secret technique, Genrō Maō Ken (Satanic Imperial Fist,), demands his undying loyalty and orders him to kill the Bronze Saints. The whole scene is witnessed by Marin, Seiya's master.

Crystal then goes to Siberia to kill Hyoga. Gigas gives the order that the Siberian villagers living in the Crystal, and in which he trained Hyoga, must build a pyramid of ice to honor the Patriarch.

After days Phaeton Gigars informs the construction of the pyramid proceeds at a good pace, but do not know anything about Crystal. Gigas says that should accelerate the pace to finish as soon as possible to represent the power of the Pope. Gigas trust the reward of the Patriarch when the pyramid is finished.

Later Gigars Phaeton informed that Crystal has failed and is dead, besides destroying the pyramid of ice. Gigars prefer not to inform the Pope and tells Phaeton learns that if you cut the neck. Gigars says that since Pegasus Seiya and Hyoga of Cygnus are in Siberia will use to attack Japan.

Gigas takes with him the Knight of Flame and several guards the Shrine to Japan. They attack the Mansion Kido Foundation, to come out of hiding to Saori. Gigars orders the Knight of the Flame that must destroy the mansion. Gigas hopes this will make them reveal their position or neglected.

Tatsumi finally going to the mansion to see in person what happened to Gigars knocks himself with the help of his cane. Tatsumi Gigars traps and tortures him to tell him where the hull of the Gold Cloth of Sagittarius. The Knight of the Flame Tatsumi gets to reveal his location, and Gigas tells the Knight of the Flame that if you retrieve the helmet, the Patriarch will reward you.

When they get to the hideout of Saori, Gigas tells the Saint of the Flame is time to act. Then leave the house and Andromeda Shun Gigars contemplates the battle between the two and believe that Shun has no chance of winning. Gigas himself decides to go the same to the house to find the helmet, as he says the Knight of Flame which is in a hurry to finish the fight.

When Gigars get into the house located Saori with the helmet and says that Shun is lost and that will give the helmet. Saori accept in exchange for the release of Shun the fire. Just at the moment in which Saori will give the helmet to Gigas feel a strange cosmos outside the Phoenix Ikki arises.

Gigas is glad to see Ikki and tells him they are about to recover the hull of the Gold Cloth of Sagittarius. Gigas says that the Pope will be happy to see him, and tells Ikki that he, too, to make him pay for everything. Ikki then knocks Gigars and this tells you regret this betrayal, while the floor collapses.

When you see rises Gigas Ikki has killed the Saint of the Flame, he and the guards who accompanied him sanctuary run away. Since then disappears and does not see him again.

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