Georges (ゲオルゲス, Georugesu) is one of the members of the teaching staff at the Palaestra, who initially acts with disdain somewhat, towards Kōga.



200px-Georges et Geki

A friendship that soars like a bird ..

George teaches courses on control elements to the Palestra for some time. If checks with the good student Ryuho that he has regained his health, he was soon disappointed by Kōga , the newcomer who is happy just to have donned the arms of his Cloth . George then starts the lesson out of the soil blocks made ​​from Stardust Sand, ore close to the strength of the Bronze Cloths that students must destroy. George then goes on with training elements of confrontation, each group of students to launch an attack on the group elementarily stronger than him. The lesson confirms the doubts  Georges about Kōga, not finding much Emeritus and in terms of power between the brilliant Ryuho.

Palaestra TournamentEdit

George surprises the evening Ryuho and Kōga, talking outside, and do not respect the curfew. Blaming the Pegasus Saint lead a good student in his escapades, he threatens to punish all two, but he easily convinced by Ryuho let them compete and not to punish the winner. It therefore referee the duel between Ryuho and Kōga, not thinking that the latter can gain control so that not even his element. When Pegasus Koga nevertheless manages to launch its Pegasus Senko Ken , George did not return. Ryuho ending nevertheless prevail, Georges begins to think to punish the loser Kōga but Geki interrupted even before George intervened, declaring that so magnificent fight deserves an exemption from punishment for both. Georges then left convinced by the argument.

Martians InvasionEdit

While Ionia turns out to be a traitor , George remains faithful to Athena, and fighting among students in the Palestra, when the Martians attack the school


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