Celestial Retreat Star, Genbu Gregor (天退星玄武のグレゴー, Tentaisei Genbu no Guregō) is a gigantic Lost Canvas-only Specter who claimed that his Surplice was harder than diamond.


When El Cid went off on a mission to search of the Gods of Dreams in order to rescue the soul of his fellow Sisyphus, he was attacked by a group of Specters, which he defeated easily. Then Genbu Gregor appeared and faced the Capricorn Saint, recognizing him by his reputation as a Saint who trains constantly to improve his blade. After ensuring that the art of the Gold Saint was no match for the diamond hardness of his Genbu Surplice, Gregor launched himself against El Cid in a rolling attack. The Capricorn Saint quickly split him half with a wave of his hand, killing him.


Genbu can refer to black

Genbu Surplice

tortoise a Chinese constellation symbol. It is sometimes called the Black Warrior of the North (北方玄武, Bei Fang Xuan Wǔ), is known as Genbu in Japan, Korea and the Hyeonmu Vũ Huyen Vietnam. It represents the north and the winter season. Your name in Chinese, Xuánwǔ is translated into English as Black Turtle.

Although Genbu told El Cid that his Surplice was harder than diamond, the Capricorn Gold Saint cut it in two easily with his sacred sword Excalibur, instantly killing Genbu.


Gregor uses a unique technique in his brief appearance, which does not get to say his name. It is based on join the fight rotating at high speed, as if a giant ball and sweeping it were.


  • Gregor is a Russian name that comes from the Greek Gregorios, meaning "watchful" or "one who is ready."
  • Gregor's height is outrageously monstrous because other spectra or the same El Cid barely reach the knee or thigh.
  • Genbu Gregor is a character exclusive side story " Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas ".
  • Can be confused: Libra Genbu(Omega).


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