In Saint Seiya Omega the Gemini Cloth has a significant change , although at first glance the cloth does not look anything like its previous version, since this is worn by a woman but has certain relationships.

The leg shield is similar to how it was before, just has more high heels and legs meets a girl (you can see that loses ornaments ) . The skirt is now shorter and wider hips. Bangles cover mostly arm , shoulder pads now have two white fabrics similar to a handkerchief. The central case is that more has changed , leaving a space for a woman's breast also the decorations are lost leaving three jewels as ornaments pink . The hull is composed of a small tiara with a heart shaped gem that shows the user's mood has been the face of evil and justice and what looks like a rubber band tying long hair of the Saint. The cloth proved to be very durable and can withstand the high destructive power of Rozan Hyaku Ryu Ha

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