Gemini Cloth is the cloth of the Saints Saga and Kanon in Saint Seiya, Defteros and Aspros in Saint Seiya: Lost Canvas and Cain and Abel in Saint Seiya: Next Dimension. It is one of the highest-class clothes that Athena's Saints wield, the Gold Cloths.


The Gemini Cloth is based on the myth of the twin brothers Castor and Polydeuces (or Pollux). In Greek mythology, Castor and Polydeuces were the twin sons of Queen Leda of Sparta, but the brothers had different fathers. As Castor's father was Tyndareus, a Spartan king and Leda's husband, Castor was a mortal man. Polydeuces's father, however, was Zeus, making Polydeuces immortal. When Castor was killed in a fight, Polydeuces asked Zeus to be able to share his immortality with his twin. Zeus accepted, and the twins alternate their afterlife: they are said to spend one day in the Underworld, and one day in the sky as the Gemini constellation in an eternal cycle.


Saint Seiya

Gemini Saga was the Guardian of the third house of Sanctuary. But during the Sanctuary Arc, as Saga is masquerading as the Grand Pope, he controlled the Cloth via his psychic powers, only wearing it during the final fight versus Pegasus Seiya.

In the Hades Arc, the Cloth is passed on to Gemini Kanon, who wore it in Inferno. In the end, Kanon sent his Cloth to his brother, where all the Gold Saints are united to break the Wailing Wall.

The Lost Canvas

Gemini Aspros was the Guardian of the third house of Sanctuary. He was killed by Defteros for treason, two years before the events of the series.

The Cloth is passed on to Defteros, who will leave it under a lava-river on Kanon Island, until the Cloth accepts him as its rightful owner, a thing that happens only when the Holy War is already waging. The Cloth will then be passed on to a resurrected Aspros.

The Cloth is last seen next to a Gemini Surplice (Aspros's one), after Gemini's death.

Next Dimension

Cain Abel was the Guardian of the third house of Sanctuary. Gemini Cain and Gemini Abel. It seems they both wear one Gemini Cloth, as if there were two of them.


The Cloth was first seen when the Bronze Saints attack the Sanctuary (in chapter 30, contained in vol.8 of the manga).

The Gemini Gold Cloth is unique in the fact its design covers much more of its wearer's body than most cloths. This is especially helpful towards a recurring ability of a Gemini saint's ability to manipulate the cloth remotely, hiding the fact there is actually nobody inside it at the time. It's helmet is worthy of notice because of the presence of the two faces in both sides, one with an evil facial expression and the other with a kind one. Gemini saints have a habit of discarding the helmet however. The Cloth was last seen during the war against Hades, worn by both Gemini Saints Saga and Kanon, although it was not one of the five Gold Cloths send to Elyseum by Poseidon.