Gemini Abel (双子座(ジェミニ)のアベル, Jemini no Aberu), the younger Gemini Gold Saint in the 18th century and guardian of the Temple of the Twins in that era, who decided to raise his hand against Athena. It is later revealed that Abel is said to be his brother Cain's shadow, a manifestation of Cain's evil side, a phenomenon the latter has experienced since childhood.

Plot (Next Dimension)

Gemini House

Shun and Tenma reach the House of Gemini and enter the Temple, to get Shun feels a mysterious cosmos already felt before, Shun and Tenma fail to see the output of the House of Gemini and when they leave they realize they are back in the entrance of the House of Gemini and the Temple also has doubled. Shun and Tenma are that each will by the Temple and Temple come out first should go immediately to the House of Cancer.

Shun enters one of the House meets Gemini and Gemini Knight, Shun explains that he is a Saint of Athena, that would not cause problems in the Sanctuary and just want to go where the baby Athena, Shun passes and fails to see Exit the Temple and realizes he has been an illusion.

While in the other House Tenma meets Gemini Saint, Tenma thinks it's an illusion and tries to pass but the Gemini Knight attacks, Tenma realizes that it is an illusion and attacks with his Pegasus Meteor and Knight Gemini counters with its other dimension, but with his back Shun Andromeda Chain. Tenma manages to hold because of the strength of the chain is broken dimensions, but are saved by Suikyo.Garuda Suikyo faces the Gemini, while Shun and Tenma still passing through the 12 houses, Gemini Abel tells Suikyo is a traitor as Abel says she decided to sell the Army of Hades and asks why she left Suikyo Suikyo hits and helmet Abel falls on the floor letting him see her face.

Cain And Abel

Abel says to bring him the head of Athena to Hades for a high price, Suikyo rages and attacks Abel, but Abel manages to stop easily and tries to attack with its other dimension, until he hears a voice stops him and is nothing unless his twin brother Cain Gemini.

Suikyo realizes that disappears Abel, Cain tells him occasionally Abel appears to do evil and it is only a shadow. After that, Cain Suikyo talk a while, Cain disappears from nowhere and Abel reappears saying he will kill gods to achieve his goals.Suikyo is wondering what is the true magnitude of theGemini Saint, Abel responds that it does not matter that defeated him, Suikyo attacks, suddenly appears and asks Cain did to Suikyo, Abel says use the Imperial Satan, Cain is surprised and says he played with will be Suikyo.

Cain said to Abel can do to kill Athena, Abel says that from the beginning has not noticed that Suikyo intecciones to kill Athena, Cain is furious and attacks Abel, Abel tells Cain that he knows of his true feelings of evil and said to take Athena and the Sanctuary and give it to el.Abel disappears and says he will look after everything.


This is the form the Gemini Gold Cloth takes during Saint Seiya Next Dimension. Cain and Abel, the Gemini Saints of the 1700s, earned the cloth sometime before the start of the series, and it was first seen when Tenma and Shun tried to pass through the Gemin House. Like most Gold Cloth original forms, it covers most of the body in a golden armor. The wearer can use his cosmo to control the Cloth from other parts of Sanctuary, and put up an illusion, while they fight the empty Gold Cloth, thinking a Saint is in it. The Cloth also seems to emit two distinct cosmo, one of light, and one of darkness. The design stays mostly consistent with the original series' design, but in color. The Cloth was last seen the Gemini House, after Abel sentSuikyo ahead to kill.


  • Gemini Labyrinth: Gemini is able to create illusions for his enemies, most notably the illusion of an endless corridor where they could run for hours without moving an inch
  • Astral Projection: Gemini is able to remotely project his consciousness elsewhere, even to multiple locations simultaneously, and appear in full armor to face an opponent. When projected in this way, he has access to most if not all of his abilities.
  • Another Dimension (アナザーディメンション, Anazā Dimenshon): Gemini can open a rift in spacetime and send his target(s) to another dimension or, to be more specific, a kind of inter-dimensional passageway that's outside of any solid realities as we know them. He can then close off the space and trap those who were sucked into it in limbo to wander eternally between dimensions. A scary attack, to be sure, but victims have been known to escape its grasp. Cygnus Hyoga, for example, got dumped in the middle of the Libra temple despite being hit with the full force of Saga's Another Dimension.
  • Genrō Maō Ken (幻朧魔皇拳): Gemini punches towards his target and releases a beam of energy through his fist and into their forehead. This beam penetrates straight to the brain and puts the target under Gemini's control. The brainwashing effect wears off after the victim completes whatever mission Gemini gave them or, as in the case of Leo Aiolia, upon seeing somebody die in front of them.
  • Galaxian Explosion (ギャラクシアンエクスプロージョン, Gyarakushian Ekusupurōjon): Gemini Saint's ultimate technique. Crossing his forearms in a X-shape with the palms of his hands open, he releases a power, which is equal to the explosion of several galaxies. In order to increase the destructive power, the form of the arms are placed above his head.
  • Kishikaisei (起死回星): Technique that instantly heals the wounds of the opponents, stimulating the secret places of the body arranged in the stars of the constellations.