Geist (ガイスト, Gaisuto) is the leader of the Caraib Ghost Saints.


Geist is Shaina's sister, but the former Pope did not agree with their practices and was expelled from the Sanctuary. Geist lives for ten years in exile with three other Saints who are under her command, known as the Ghost Saint. After the succession to the post of Pope and the first unsuccessful attempts to recover this Sagittarius Gold Cloth complete, Geist gives a first ultimatum to Gigas to get the hull of the Frame. After consulting with Shaina, Gigas send a letter to Geist, indicating that it will be readmitted to the sanctuary but will have to recover the piece you are holding the Bronze Saints . Geist calls his subordinates: Sea Serpent Saint , Dolphin Saint and Jellyfish Saint . Following orders Geist, sink a ship, and hijack a tanker Grad Foundation . The Bronze Saints fly to the place and get beat the thugs, but Geist causes an illusion, pretending to players who attack them hundreds of pirate ships. Taking advantage of the turmoil, the Knights flee Ghost Town of taking home the Golden Armor of Sagittarius, on the boat of Geist. Together they take refuge in the Island of Hell .

The Bronze Saints travel to the island, Geist attacks the flying vehicle with her technique Phantom Genwaku Ken and makes them crash into the sea. Bronze Saints have to overcome various obstacles and defeat Geist subordinates as they venture into the island, leaving several of the Bronze Saints knocked out. Seiya is the one who manages to reach the castle found in Geist. Get a room found in the hull, but Geist multiplies, creating several replicas. To simplify his search, Seiya decides to launch attacks all appeared helmet because the replicas are not able to withstand shocks. Geist against Seiya materializes and attacks him with her Thunder Claw. Seiya is surprised to recognize the technique Geist Shaina and asks for his relationship with the Shrine, it tells that if miss, it will answer all questions. Seiya continues to attack Geist with the same technique until get to make it fall to the ground, using the Phantom thereupon Waki ​​Gen Ken and Seiya has a first illusion we see much of the castle collapsing, then several images of Geist appear before him, with the real one hidden behind a pillar. Seiya realizes they are illusions and decides to use another tactic. Geist is surprised when he almost reaches Seiya, and this indicates that it has differentiated because only odorless, unlike their illusions. Geist launches another attack at Seiya, leaving him trapped under several arms. Geist injures Seiya in several places, but when she tries to finish him off, the Gold Cloth helmet falls down, shattering her mask. Geist falls to the ground with her back to Seiya and giving Seiya the time to attack with his Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken. Geist gets the full attack and is on the verge of death. Seiya runs to her and asks her relationship with the Shrine, but she says can not give anything away and dies.


Geist's cloth is very complete. The legs are long and cover the thighs. Lower belt four parts covering the sides, the front and back of the body, stretching into the legs. The gauntlets encompass whole fist and arm to the elbow. The breastplate covers the entire torso and worn on the belly of a logo similar to the lily red. Encompass the whole shoulder pads, similar to those of the Cygnus Cloth . The helmet covers the entire head is complete and flat topped by two horns on the sides. In the leading edge in a drawing similar to the breast, also in red. Geist mask takes fangs in his mouth and drawings Shaina-like eyes, but they fall down the cheeks of the mask, all red again.


  • Phantom Genwaku Ken (ファントム眩惑拳, Fantomu Genwaku Ken): Geist Creates illusions and can deal a powerful blow is not defined whether a physical and mental power.
  • Thunder Claw (サンダークロウ, Sandā Kurou): Attack learned from Shaina, throws a flurry of punches that hurt like needles and can give electric shocks.


  • Geist is German for Ghost.
  • Curiously, Shaina, who is 16, has a disciple who was expelled from the sanctuary 10 years ago, indicating that Geist was her pupil when she was 6.
  • Some fans assume that Geist would the extinct constellation constellation protective fleur de lis, arguing that its symbol appears on the breastplate of Geist.
  • She is another female saint that had her mask broken and let a man sees her face.