Gauntlet Aegir (ガントレットのエーギル, Gantoretto no Ēgiru) is one of Pallasites Second Class and he serving Hyperion.


Storming the PalestraEdit

Aegir control Pallasites soldiers who stormed the Palestra. It is the Hyperion subordoné who put the plan developed.He decided to act while Libra Genbu decimating the ranks of the invaders. It destroys his whip and reveals his weapon to Aegir: The Gauntlet "Phantom Arm." It adorns the Rozan Shinbu Ken with his arcane Psionic Hand.Aegir then imprisoned in the Phantom Claw . But Genbu rises and breaks the Gauntlet Aegir, explaining that he should not rely on his cloth.

Great Sword Hyperion sends his sacred sword Tenchihômetsuzan to Aegir, allowing him to continue the fight.The first blow by Aegir sends Genbu fly and reduce ruined the door of the Palestra. But Libra Genbu rises. Aegir launches Chrono Destruction, freezing in time all the Saints and refugees from the Palestra.

Genbu then uses the Libra sword and a duel between the two enemies agrees. However, Genbu is undermined by the power of the Cosmo and the Great sword is grounded. He refuses to give up, Aegir is sending him a blow, which contrasts the Gold Saint. But he stuck the great sword and letting go. The price of his life he comes to hacking the holy weapon. Appeuré by Hyperion probable reaction Aegir tries to kill Koga. But this one, the Cosmo amplified by that of his friends, came to the end of Pallasite Psionic Phantom Claw, which falls into the lake, causing the leakage of his soldiers.

Battle Of Pallas Castle GateEdit

Aegir de Braço Fantasma
Aegir returns at the end of fighting in Pallas Belda , when the last Saints and Steel Saints still present in the city is now fighting against Saturn soldiers.

It triggers the Phantom Burst against Ban and Nachi . Saddened by the death of Hyperion , he wants to serve the God of Time to pay tribute to his former superior . It regenerates Chronotector and Phantom Arm with a fragment of Tenchihômetsuzan and launches Tenchihōmetsuzan Great Destruction on his opponents but is stopped by the Original Steel Saints . Aegir is dominated by three newcomers but again the advantage once they completely exhausted . All Steel Saints attack that immobilizes Pallasite with its arcane . But his opponents reach a fraction of the Omega and it delivers a multitude Emma Steel Bolt Arrow body to body , until exhaustion.Aegir subsequently faces of Jabu dodging his attack and finally overcomes his Pallasite with Unicorn Gallop .


  • Psionic Hand (サイオニックハンド, Saioniku Hando): Aegir uses his gauntlet to amplify the extreme power of his telekinesis and create a field of protection around him.
  • Phantom Claw (ファントムクロー, Fantomu Kurō): Aegir encloses his enemy in a spherical space where the pressure crushes. According to him, this technique can spray everything including Gold Cloths.


  • Aegir is one of Saturn's moons
  • In Norse Mythology, Aegir was the giant of the seas and was friendly to the Nordic gods, often hosting feasts for them. His daughters represent the tides and the waves of the ocean.



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