Garnet is a young woman of high society of France in the 18th century, whose beauty is such, says he can have control over their two enemies and her people. She' is the leader of the Jewels


The wife of a French nobleman of the sixteenth century, Garnet lost her husband due to an epidemic "and had to flee their homes because of the various battles that raged for possession of the mansion. During their escape, the young woman found Vouivre, a magical jewel that gave its owner the power to control the spirits of gemstones and stay young by absorbing the life energy of people, and decided to use the power of the stone potar to keep the peace, as in the ideal of her late husband. Using the power of the jewel was able to develop an angelic voice and soothing can be loved by everyone, and accumulate the energy needed to maintain her powers created by a group of warriors the jewels of pre-teens seem to men and women called Jewels, although this can only result of many years. hundred and fifty years after they found the stone, Garnet made a trip to Russia, where she met the only person who could understand feelings of loneliness and the feeling that deep down she felt in her heart was Krest, the oldest Knights of the goddess Athena., which (despite some curling) was impressed by her idea of ​​keeping the peace giving people the opportunity to never change Krest Garnet saw many years later, when the gentleman (also sick of all the wars that had seen more than five years) decided to join her after she had returned to what had been the land of her husband, making him look younger and put at the head of the Jewels under the name of Koh-i-Nur. However, in the minds of Krest still had any doubt that the way you want to bring peace through the immutability was right, so he decided to develop a plan in the mansion inviting his favorite student (Degel, the Knight of Gold Aquarius) for help through a false note. In response, the young Degel broke into the palace, taking advantage of Garnet's birthday party, aided by his friend, Serafina, the eldest daughter of Lord Bluegrado. The plan was to try to get Degel (after dealing with Jewels: Tourmaline, Chalcedony, Flint and carnelian) is fought against his teacher to see if he could pursue the reasons for wanting to live in a world that Krest defined as "a dream difficult to achieve. "At his birthday party, Garnet Degel noticed immediately, because it was the only guest to be able to resist the charm of her voice and a little later was given the honor of dancing with her, revealing that the Knight of his identity and where also presented their Jewels in the confusion caused by Mrs. Fraille (a woman whose husband had gone mad with love for Garnet and committed suicide) and the army that the widow had hired to kill her. After Degel to the proposal to remain in the palace of the night, sent one of the Jewels of Garnet this was Fraille to kidnap and Serafina, knowing that the only way to fight against Krest Degel, otherwise it will suck the energy of life of the Princess of Bluegrado. During the confrontation between teacher and student, Garnet was carried out except under Krest was beaten by the freezing of Degel (demonstrating that they have an armor similar to that of the warriors of the various deities ) to protect it. In the confrontation was destroyed Granto wearing around his neck, causing the stone loses its effect on women's bodies and ex-Knight, so return to his true age Recognizing defeat, Garnet told Degel her story (after releasing Serafina), apologized to him, and then freeze with Krest in a coffin of ice for all eternity. .

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