Galaxy Kreios (Japanese: 星漢のクレイオス, Seikan no Kureiosu; Greek: Κρεῖος, Creios) was one of the last Titans freed by Pontos with the help of Dimension Iapetos, along with Okeanos, Tethys, Theia, Phoebe, Rhea, Mnemosyne and Themis. He is the Titan of stars and constellations.


Crios has a very cool personality, is very serious and extremely violent. He is known as "heartless" because he acts coldly and bluntly. Crios is also considered the most cynical of the Titans. Crios is shown to be a dedicated and skilled combatant. Like the other Titans, his goal is to exact revenge against the Olympian gods for their suffering in the Mythological era .


Mythological Era

Kreíos (Greek: Ὠκεανός, ram) is a Titan, the son of Gaia and Uranus (Heaven). His wife is Eurybia, born of the union of Gaia and Pontos, and his sons were Pallas, Perses and Astraéos. The latter son became the lover of Eos (Aurora), Hyperion's daughter, and spawned the stars, the Four Winds (Boreas, Noto, Euro and Zephyr) and some planets: Phainon (Saturn), Phaethon (Jupiter), Pyroeis (Mars), Hesperos (Venus) and Stilbon (Mercury). Kreios joined Kronos in the Titanomachy, but was thrown into Tartarus after their defeat against the Olympians.

War against Gold SaintsEdit

After being revived by Pontos, Kreios attacks Capricorn Shura in Greece, after the defeat of Phaios Spathe. The Titan holds a great advantage over Shura until Leo Aiolia intervenes. The Capricorn Saint decides to end the fight and use Excalibur to break Kreios's blade. The Titan acknowledges the strength of the Saints and leaves behind a trail to follow him. Later Current Ocenaos retrieves the broken part of his sword and returns it to Krios. After the fight between Dimension Iapetos and Aiolia, ending in the death of his brother and their sister Themis, Krios says farewell to his beloved wife and goes into battle, where Shura decides to fight alone against him. At the end of the fight, the Capricorn Saint, near death due to Kreios's attacks, utilizes his Cosmo and becomes able to move at the speed of light, traversing the body raised by his Excalibur. Surprised, Kreios aims to counterattack with his scimitar, but Shura performs a Double Excalibur to mortally wound the Titan. With his last moments of life, Kreios bequeaths his Soma to Shura, recognizing the pride and courage of humans to sacrifice themselves to achieve things that seem impossible. At the same time, Eurybia is able to sense her husband's death.


  • Skilled warrior and swordsman: through divine Cosmo. He can heal and empower other beings through his Ichor and Dunamis
  • Standard Equipment: Sickle Soma armor for attack and defense with its own Cosmo signature that shares/aids the Titan's regeneration, Planete Temple that acts as a manifestation of his power and can be manipulated and rebuilt at will by him
  • Intelligence: Years of experience fighting wars against other Gods


  • Aster Blade (星断剣(アステル ブレイド), Asuteru Bureido) . The star-cutting sickle materialized by his Cosmo can cut physical bodies, energy and souls at once also being able of bypassing armors, in close quarters or with ranged attacks, disrupting the enemy's power
  • Aster Choreía (星断円斬(アステルコレイア), Asuteru Koreia) "circle dance of stars" from the Greek αστερ χορεία, a cut swirl with soma to absorb the blood, drain the memory, power, and technique of the enemy .
  • Aster Kyklos (星断光輪(アステルキュクロス), Asuteru Kyukurosu): Shoots the power gained from the Aster Khoreia as a cutting ring of light. This attack can also drain power, memory, and technique of the enemy.
  • Orichalcum Blade (神鋼刃(オリハルコンブレイド), Oriharukon Bureido): After Kreios creates a world of Orichalcum (a material very hard to manipulate and destroy) inside a different universe from his Temple, Kreios controls the Orichalcum as spikes against his enemy
  • Aster Shield (星護盾(アステルシールド), Asuteru Shīrudo): To reach his most powerful state, Kreios turns all the Cosmos from his world into a planet-shaped shield over his arm that exceeds the power of his Aster Blade. The shield can be released to attack on its own, and it's strong enough to paralyze the muscles and nerves of a Gold Saint with a single strike
  • Shield Bash (盾打(シールドバッシュ), Shīrudo Basshu):
  • Sōshinken (蒼神剣, lit. Blue Divine Sword): After his blade was cut off, Kreios forges his most powerful weapon by drawing his own Ichor and absorbing it into his handle, shaping it into a Dunamis sword that can keep feeding on the constantly regenerating Ichor of Kreios

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