Galarian Steiner (ガラリアン・シュタイナー, Gararian Shutainā) also known as Galan (ガラン, Garan), is an old friend of Aiolia and was once a candidate for the Leo Gold Cloth.


At some point before Aiolos's death, Galan's mother falls ill and he steals Athena's sacred blood to cure her. By the time he gets to her, however, his mother is already dead. After he is caught, he is imprisoned at Cape Sunion and sentenced to fight a warrior, and so he asks his friend Aiolos to deliver that punishment. During the fight, Aiolos takes off his Gold Cloth so they can fight at the same level, but he still defeats Galan, who loses his right eye and arm and starts using a metal arm as replacement. After Aiolos's alleged betrayal, Galan stays to live with Aiolia and takes care of him even though the young Leo is also called a traitor. Aiolia thus starts to see Galan as family.

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