The armor of the Giants are called Adamas, word of Greek origin that means "invincible" or "hardness of diamond". The Adamas crystals are composed of minerals (opal, topaz, sapphire ...). According to the mythology (not mentioned in the two volumes), each stone is characterized by a particular property. Wearing the Adamas, you can resist the force field set up by Typhon Flegra around Mount Etna and Mount Arima, sucking the life energy of the intruders. In the second volume appear the "Gigas Shinshiki" (a new kind of giant), obviously stronger than the previous. While the Giants are the first brothers older than Typhon, they are his sons They devour the order of the Knights!
  1. Agrios
  2. Chimera
  3. Encélado
  4. Ladon
  5. Orthros
  6. Pallas
  7. Toas

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