Frog Miyan of the Terrestrial Strangeness Star is a Specter that appears in Next Dimension.


After Alone (ND) had been awakened as Hades, The Frog Specter had made it into Hades' Castle. At some time he heard that Pandora ( ND ) had been giving crucial missions to Garuda Suikyo, which he also heard was not appreciated by Griffon Veemer. Seeing a chance to gloat, Miyan appeared in front of Vermeer as he strode the halls of the castle after a meeting with Pandora. He greeted him and started talking about how troubling the situation was. He teased Vermeer about his feelings for his fellow Magnate, to which Vermeer responded that he would wring the Frog Specter's neck if he did not stop meddling. Miyan crouched a little in retreat while mentioning the crucial missions Garuda Suikyo had been given as of late. Vermeer replied that Pandora may or may not trust the former Saint, but that he did not and when Garuda Suikyo would show his true colours Vermeer would take his life. Miyan simply chuckled in agreement with Vermeer.

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