Freya (フレア, Furea) is the sister of Frey , and one of the inhabitants of Asgard , but does not live in the Valhalla Palace.


Freya match Athena and the other Bronze Saints when, in one of his visits to Valhalla Palace Dolbar find them chatting about the whereabouts of the missing Hyoga. His brother Frey commissioned him with the blessing of Dolbar, escort them out of Asgard, but end up spending the night with Frey. When the Asgard Soldier of Flex to go home by Athena, Freya perceives that something is wrong, and still, watching the entire battle between Bronze Saints,  God Warriors and the sacrifice of his brother Frey , to save the power of  Athena, destroys Dolbar the Statue Of Odin , whose ruins born of the tree Yggdrasil.



  • Freya is the name of the Norse goddess of love, and it means "The Lady", also called Freyja  and Jacrist.
  • After the defeat of Dolbar appears Freya leaving with Athena and others, though not explained if escorting or have decided to leave Asgard.
  • Freya appears exclusively in this movie. After the appearance in the anime saga of Asgard, which also appears in another character with the same name, the adventure recounted in this film, and his characters are removed from the continuity of history.
  • This character is inspired by Natassia, exclusive character of the manga , related to Blue Warriors , being almost identical physically.