Frey (フレイ, Furei) is one of the subordinates of Dolbar, a representative of Odin and leader of Asgard. He is the twin brother of Freya and seems to enjoy a certain status within the Valhalla Palace, being able to give orders to the God Warriors.


Frey appears in Valhalla Palace when Saori and the Bronze Saints left after meeting with Dolbar. Frey offers her his carriage and his sister Freya as a guide to escort them from Asgard. While the carriage takes Saori home for the night, Frey has a chat with Dolbar, revealing his doubts about Loki, because he thinks Loki wants to unleash a war against Athena and Sanctuary, which would be terrible because the importance of the shrine to world peace. Dolbar says he will talk to Loki, but as Frey turns, Dolbar attacks him, locking him in a cell where he is tortured.

When Frey is released, the battle between the God Warriors and Bronze Saints is at its climax. Saori has been locked in a parallel dimension by Dolbar's Odin Shield technique. Seiya has donned the Sagittarius Gold Cloth and is about to shoot the Golden Arrow against Dolbar, but is hesitant because without Dolbar, he does not know how to rescue Saori. Frey climb the Statue Of Odin and tells at Seiya to shoot the arrow, after which he'll release Saori by destroying the statue. Dolbar tries to stop them, but Frey manages to stand up and drive his sword through the head of the statue, causing it to collapse on the dying Dolbar, who had been mortally wounded by the Golden Arrow launched by Seiya. Frey sacrifices himself to end the reign of Dolbar; he did not survive the statue's collapse.



  • Frey, meaning "Lord", is one of the variations of the name of the god Freyr, one of the most important Norse gods associated with crops, climate and fertility. He is a god who sparked the war between the Aesir gods and the Vanir gods by using Odin's throne without permission, falling in love with Gerda (the daughter of an evil giantess), and giving up his magic sword to the giants to marry the girl. The Aesir blamed Gerda's mother and roasted her alive, for which the Vanir demanded blood-compensation. The Aesir gods refused to pay, resulting in war. The war was later settled and, as part of the treaty, Frey, Freya and their family all came to live in Asgard as ransoms. He is destined to be the last god to fall in battle during the Ragnarok (Norse Apocalypse), as he is rendered powerless without his sword.
  • The sword used Frey could be a reference to the god Freyr's magic sword, Laevaetinn, which has the ability to fight on its own.
  • Frey is a character who exists only in this movie. After the creation of the Asgard saga for anime, he and other characters were removed from continuity. This character resembles Alexei, one of the Blue Warriors, especially in appearance, and Frey's relationship with Freya inspired Natassia, Alexei's sister.