The Fornax Silver Cloth is one of Cloths.

Constellation and MythologyEdit

Roman MythEdit

The Fornax constellation is named after a Roman goddess, Fornax, one of the goddess of the home, and the goddess of ovens. Her feast day was February 17th, known as the Fornacalia.

Chinese AstronomyEdit

In Chinese astronomy, constellation Fornax lies within The White Tiger of the West (西方白虎, Xī Fāng Bái Hǔ).

Chinese AssociationsEdit

In the Chinese constellation system, a triangle of faint stars in Fornax formed Tianyu, grain piled in ricks in the fields. The grain ricks were part of the overall harvest scene in this part of the sky that also included Fuzhi, the reaping sickle, in adjoining Sculptor, and granaries to the north in Cetus.


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