Temples or Houses Evil Cursed are the last sanctuary of Hades in The Lost Canvas as well as is also the basis of the spectra traitors and guardians of the House Cursed.

They first appear in her manga number 136 Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas, each temple is protected by an ally Alone , except Wyvern Radamanthys .

These temples or houses are heaven, because this can only be flying to reach them either by "Garudaship" boat Athena , by the flight through teleportation or through travel between dimensions .

The function of this sanctuary is to protect the paint Alone entitled, "The Lost Canvas" at the top of these is the throne of Alone in the painting where it ends.

At the beginning of the temples is a great wall that can only be broken through the "Athena Exclamation". After a sea made of clouds passing this are the temple or house whose organization is like the solar system:


Temple of Mercury

Temple of Venus

Temple Of Earth

Temple of Mars

Appearances Edit

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